Where is Honduras?

Where is Honduras

Where is Honduras

The beautiful country of Honduras is located in the very center of the Americas, North and South that is. It is part of a region known as Central America, which connects North America with South America.

So, where is Honduras? Basically, between North America and South America (see the map below). Being in the center of the Americas allows for two strategic shipping ports along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Honduras’s port on the Atlantic Ocean (northern part of the country) is called Puerto Cortes, and the port on the Pacific Ocean (southern area of the country) is named the Port of San Lorenzo. Each is connected by a major highway which makes our country the perfect location for global businesses who trade in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Where is Honduras in Central America? Honduras shares borders with the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Honduras on the Map

Where is Honduras? The interactive map (below) shows globally where Honduras is located, so you may see how to get here to fulfill your future travel plans, such as a tropical vacation to learn how to scuba dive in Utila, bask in the sun on the enticing beaches of Roatan, explore archaeological Mayan Ruins, bird watching the variety of bird species; or take advantage of the many Tax Free Zones for your business enterprise. Where is Honduras in relation to receiving travelers? Hondurans are the most welcoming and helpful of people that you will find on any vacation or business venture.

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