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Thursday - November 19, 1998

Update on Tegucigalpa from International K-9 Search and Rescue Services:

Well we're back in the USA.

We just got back from Tegucigalpa, Honduras where we spent 9 days locating victims bodies, with our search dogs and digging the bodies out and recovering them. SAR Dog Valorie and Yogi were the only search dogs from the USA according to the local government. There were two search dogs from the Mexican Government that worked well also.

Our search dog teams hit in 28 areas, and so far we've recovered 8 bodies. The Bomberos "Fire Dept" team will dig out the rest later. God it was horrible. The people are dying everywhere from disease and lack of food and water. It's horrible what the devistation has done. Anyone who can help, please contact me and I'll talk with you first hand about what these people need and what we need to get back there and help.

We're going to try and get back and do some more work as soon as we can afford it.

Mr. Harry E. Oakes Jr. SAR Dog Valorie K-9-1.
Ms. Michelle Keating SAR Dog Yogi K-9-2.
International K-9 Search and Rescue Services
PO Box #30364
Portland, Oregon 97294-3364
Office (503) 618-0497. Message:(503) 650-1904.
Email: searchdog@cnnw.net
Web: www.k9sardog.com

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