Weather in Honduras

Honduras Detail Map

Weather in Honduras Map

How’s the weather in Honduras? Well, that depends on what location you are heading to. Here’s the forecast and temperature for popular cities in the country.





Click for Tegucigalpa, Honduras ForecastClick for San Pedro Sula, Honduras ForecastClick for La Ceiba, Honduras ForecastClick for Roatan, Honduras Forecast Click for Copan, Honduras ForecastClick for Amapala, Honduras ForecastClick for Choluteca, Honduras Forecast
The rainy season in Honduras begins in May; the months of September, October and November are the rainiest of the year in the Southern regions of the country Hurricane season begins in June but normally does not pose major threats until September, October and November. The months of November, December and Januery are usally vey rainy in the Northern regions including the Bay Islands.

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