Volunteers Stop in Honduras

Inspiring Volunteers

Sweet Cruisers Volunteer in Honduras

Women going on a cruise normally would be stopping at ports, soaking up the sun and ordering fancy cocktails, but a group from “Sweet” decided to make their cruise more worthwile.

Today’s stop was Roatan, Honduras, where Sweet cruisers spent their time volunteering instead. They helped paint the inside of the E-learning Center building, and installed and set up two new computers, financed by the tour. A group of volunteers also cataloged the books in the center library.

Cruisers Volunteer to PaintThe facility is operated by Partners in Education in Roatan, Honduras. The volunteer group on the tour originally set out to collect $200 to donate to the school, and were surprised to receive instead $600 that Sweet presented to the center to help finance student programs and to keep their old computers running. Their next stop after Honduras will be Belize, where they will continue their volunteer efforts.

Learn more about being a Volunteer in Honduras.

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