Vacation to Amapala

Amapala Honduras Vacation

Amapala Honduras Vacation

A vacation to Amapala on Tiger Island (Isla del Tigre), is for those who want some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy world. Activities include hikes to spectacular views, cave exploration, birding, photography, and sport fishing. Throw in the benefit of fresh seafood and dark sand beaches, and Amapala becomes your next vacation destination.

Amapala is set off of the Pacific Coast of Honduras, in the middle of the Gulf of Fonseca (the southern part of Honduras). It is reached by boat from the Honduras mainland pier of Coyolito.

Vacation Areas / Activities

  • Beaches
  • There are swimmable beaches on almost every side of the island of Amapala (over 14), but the most popular are Playa Grande and Playa Negro. If you’re looking for a more secluded beach on your vacation in Amapala, simply ask the friendly locals, and they will recommend one in your area.

    Playa Grande is superb for tanning and swimming, and also has access to a cave, the Cueva de la Sirena (Cave of the Mermaid), during low tide.

    The beautiful shores of Playa Negro are unique in that the sand is of volcanic origin, and therefore very dark. The island of Meanguera in El Salvador is visible from Playa Negro.

  • Birding / Hiking / Walking
  • If you love birding, Amapala’s local eco-system provides the opportunity to catch sight of the many migratory and resident birds of Honduras. Honduras bird species seen include the Roseate Spoonbill (Platalea ajaja); numerous herons including tricolored, Great Blue and Great White (Ardea alba); the Snakebird or Darter (Anhinga), Pied-billed Grebe; Blue-winged Teal; White-Winged Dove; Great-Tailed Grackle and too many more to mention.

    Hiking to the top of La Cima you can see panoramic views of Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. This rewarding venture takes roughly two to three hours.

    If you prefer walking along the island beaches you can see a diversity of marine life and volcanic formations, or simply traverse through town to admire the historic city center, architecture, and pick up souvenirs for your vacation.

  • Sport Fishing
  • Fisherpersons will enjoy the various settings where one can cast a line. Tilapia or robalo are the main catches. The majority of Amapala natives spend their time fishing, shrimping, and catching other creatures of the sea.

There are a few hotels, restaurants, and guest houses if you choose to spend the night during your vacation visit to Amapala.

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