Vacation in Honduras

Honduras Vacation

Honduras Vacation

It’s vacation time! All those hours of hard work, and finally – the time is here to take a break from it all! Where to go, what to do? Our country and our online travel and vacation guide has it all for you.

There is a wide variety of vacation activities available; your decision won’t be whether to holiday in Honduras, but rather, where to holiday in Honduras!

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Take a look at the numerous options:

A Vacation to Amapala

The town of Amapala on Tiger Island (Isla del Tigre) is for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings. Vacation activities include hikes, cave exploration, birding, sport fishing and photography. Explore more Amapala vacation options.

Vacation in Copan

Copan Ruins: Home of the Maya

This vacation destination offers the elements of history, art, culture, and agro-tourism. The ruins of Copan are considered by scholars to be the most artistic of the numerous Mayan ruin sites throughout Central America. Read more about a Copan vacation.

Vacations to

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