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Utila is the smallest of “The Bay Islands” which are found off the north coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. Utila measures 11 km in length, and 4 km at its widest point. The majority of Utila is at sea level. The highest peak (at the west of the island) reaches a height of 24 metres, and is called “Pumpkin Hill”. The island is dominated by mangrove, wetlands, and swampland vegetation. The mangroves are an important habitat for an endemic species of iguana. The main settlement on Utila is East Harbor.

Detailed Map of Utila Honduras

Detailed Map of Utila Honduras Courtesy of AboutUtila.com (Click to Enlarge)

How to get around in Utila and Utila Travel Tips

Utila Honduras Street Guide – From the Ferry to Mango Inn – Utila Airport and Utila Freshwater Caves

Utila Honduras Street Guide – From the Ferry to the Point

Utila Honduras Street Guide – From the Ferry to Chepes Beach and Sandy Bay – Blue Bayou

Utila Cays, Utila South Shore and Treasure Beach

Utila Map (Tourist Map)

Utila Map – (Google Intertactive – Places)


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