Utila Hotels & Accommodations

Utila Hotel in HondurasFinding the right hotel can make your stay on Utila even better. There is a wide variety of hotels to choose from, and prices vary as much as the facilities. There are simple Utila hotels which consist of no more than a sparse room, and high-end resorts with many activities on site. Whatever type of hotel you desire, you are certain to find the perfect place from the options below. Enjoy your stay in Utila!

Utila Hotel Name





MANGO INN mango-inn.com 2425-3305 2425-3335 reservations@mango-inn.com
SEA SIDE INN Main Street 2425-3150
HOTEL UTILA Main Street 2425-3340 2425-3340
LAZY DAZE ON THE BAY myutilahotel.com 2425-3212 lazydaze@myutilahotel.com
LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL utilalighthouse.com 2425-3164
BAY VIEW HOTEL Bo. El Centro 2425-3114
HOTEL MARGARITA BAY Main Street 2425-3366 hotelmargaritabayutila@yahoo.com
PIRATES BAY INN Bo. El Centro 2425-3818 piratesbayinn@gmail.com
RUBI’S INN www.rubisinn.com 2425-3240 rubisinn@yahoo.com
COUNTRY SIDE HOTEL Bo. El Centro 2425-3216
COOPERS INN HOTEL Bo. El Centro 2425-3184
HOTEL BAY VIEW Bo. El Centro 2425-3114
LOMA VISTA Main Street 2425-3243
CROSS CREEK crosscreekutila.com 2425-3397
JERICO GARDENS 3344-9545 jericogardens@gmail.com
UTOPIA VILLAGE utopiautila.com 3344-9387 debie@
NIGHTLAND CABINS 2425-3270 jadeseahorse@
SLUMBERLAND VILLAS slumberlandutila.com 2425-3270 utilalandco@
UTILA WATERSPORTS HOTEL utilawatersports.com 2425-3264 dive@
DEEP BLUE RESORT deepblueutila.com 2425-3211 gozgorham@
CORAL VIEW RESORT coralviewbeachresort
2425-3783 coralviewbeachresort@
COLIBRI HILL RESORT colibriresort.com 2425-3329 info@
LAGUNA BEACH RESORT lagunabeachresort.info 2425-3263623-217-4557 shara@utiladiveventures.com
UTILA LODGE RESORT utilalodge.com 2425-3143 2425-3209 frontoffice@
UNDERWATER VISION / HOTEL TRUDY utilascubadiving.com 2425-3103 uwv_utila@hotmail.com

If you intend to stay in Utila for more than a few weeks, apartments generally offer good value and are more comfortable. The best value apartments are rarely vacant, but you can often meet up with people who have a spare bedroom or bed in their apartment and may offer you a place there for your share of the rent and living expenses.  Utila Apartment Finders helps people find a place to stay, and the service is free to renters.

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