Utila Dream – Ferry Utila to La Ceiba – La Ceiba to Utila Bay Islands Honduras

Dreams sometimes come true! Meet the new “Utila Dream” ferry service from Utila to La Ceiba and La Ceiba to Utila daily!

Utila Ferry - Utila Dreams

Utila Ferry – Utila Dream
Utila to La Ceiba – La Ceiba to Utila

For way too many years the ferry service between Utila and La Ceiba and back to Utila has been”controlled” to put it lightly by the “Utila Princess”. Mind you Myself and countless thousands have been on the Utila Princess I , II , III . IV and maybe there will be a “V” after the “Utila Princess” Ferry meets the new “Utila Dream“.

Ferry to Utila - Ferry to La Ceiba Utila Dream

Ferry to Utila – Ferry to La Ceiba Utila Dream

Yes, The country of Honduras has been all about “Dream” coming true lately!

(When it comes to “Tourism” that is…).

We now have an airport in Gracias, Lempira, Copan, and just last week the new Tela Airport in Honduras opened. These have all been “Dream” come true for the many inhabitants of the respective locations as well as the tourist who wish to visit these areas on their “bucket list”.

We also now have on a regular basis “Cruise Ships’ arriving at Trujillo (The original Banana Coast); as well as Puerto Cortes. Incidentally funding has just been completed for a new cruise ship port in Puerto Cortes.

So what about the “Utila Dream”??? Well if all goes as planned the New Ferry service “Utila Dream” will begin service on or around September 2015 (The vessel is currently undergoing last minute details and then being navigated from the port of New Orleans to Utila). All I can say is that it’s about time!

Well, I can also say that I am totally on-board for being “on board” for the maiden voyage.

Nothing against the Utila Princess, just a few idiosyncrasies that have driven the entire population of Utila as well as countless thousands of tourist and business people nuts for years. “Customer Service”!!!

So “Utila Dream” it appears based on this picture of the vessel that you have the right stuff to carry up to 250 passengers; now do not forget to provide even just basic “customer service” to your patrons.

But what on earth am I saying? The crew of the “Utila Princess” has always been friendly, helpful, accommodating, etc and your pricing although many tourist complain about it, seems fair in my opinion.

However; it must be pointed out that very few days go by without someone cluttering up the Internet waves specifically on Facebook to ask the question: “Did the ferry go today?” “Is the Ferry going to go today?” “Is the ferry going to travel to Utila from La Ceibaor La Ceiba to Utila” today?

It would seem to me that since almost every crew member and not to mention administrative staff of the “Utila Princess” have smart-phones; what is the problem with just setting up a “Facebook” page and announcing the status as it happens.

Like really, you already have the Facebook Page but no one ever pays attention to it or maintains it up to date…. and not only that; by not announcing in a timely manner the status of the “Princess”; people just clog up the bandwidth on the Island asking questions that could  be easily resolved by actually caring about your clients and keeping them informed.

Editors Note: Since the first publication of this article back in April of 2015 the Utila Dream has yet to arrive in Utila. However we have been assured that she is currently conducting seaworthiness trials and is expected to arrive in the next thirty days. On the other hand, almost immediately after this article was published the Utila Princess outsourced their Facebook page instead of doing what we suggested which is have their own staff keep the public up to date. The result has been a useless Utila Princess page. Case and point, during the Utila Carnival people still had to ask the schedule and there was no info on the Utila Princess Facebook Page. Same was true during the famous Utila Cays Sunjam festival as well as the recent Independence day celebration where many were continuing to ask if the Princess was even going to be sailing between Utila and La Ceiba and back. Dear Utila Dream, please don’t make the same mistake, provide the public with a useful social media medium.

Now, obviously it does not need to be that way! I may sound a bit harsh here on the Utila Princess ferry; however; I have personally been on board when the Utila Princess ran out of fuel in the rain while attempting to go to La Ceiba (It took two hours of floating around to get the vessel running again). I have also been on-board when the engines just “quit”; caught on fire, propellers fall off, the captain put it in reverse and it went forwards into the Roatan “Galaxy Wave” as well as many countless other incidents.

So welcome to the “Rock” “Utila Dream“, do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes of others.

A) Keep us informed  B) Keep your vessel in tip top condition C) Have a well trained and capable crew D) Accept Credit / Debit Cards, geez where does all that cash go…. E) Really , that’s all you have to do to make the “Utila Dream” be reality!

We wish you the best and welcome to the Rock!

Utila Ferry - Utila Dream Utila to La Ceiba - La Ceiba to Utila

Utila Ferry – Utila Dream
Utila to La Ceiba – La Ceiba to Utila

Note: The “Utila Dream” office in Utila is located across the street from “Archie’s” or shall I say “Deposito Henderson” right downtown where “Tienda del Pueblo” better known as “Bobby’s Store” was. (Okay, the guy who sells beer to almost the entire island; how difficult is that to find?) Walking from the municipal dock turn west (left) then go about a block and a half the office is on your left.

Trust me “Utila Dream, I know that if you don’t pull this one off, I will have to restrict my travel to airplanes! So make my Dream come true!

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