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Utila Travel Review – The Truth about Utila

Utila Travel Review – The Truth about Utila

UTILA has become a world wide destination that has led to a flourishing economy for many thanks to Tourism. Besides its popularity as being …

Snorkeling with Pilot Whales

Snorkeling with Pilot Whales

Underwater Vision was treated to a wonderful experience during their surface interval on April 14th, …

Shoe Box JAK Travels North to Alaska – But Not to look for Gold!

North to Alaska But not to look for gold! As the years so rapidly sped by and my…

Travelling to Belize from Mexico

  JAK Continues to share his Travel Adventure on the Road from Mexico to Belize by land! Stopping…

On the Road to Panama – A brief encounter at Aqua Azul in the Chiapas State of Mexico

JAK Begins to share his Travel Adventure on the Road to Panama by land! Stopping to see the…

Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?November 22 2012 JAK’s Shoebox Story written by JAK Thanksgiving day! 2012 – Are you a Tourist or a Traveler? Last week I told you about my 5 beloved dogs. When I moved into my new house in Iowa, as I was unloading the dogs and their houses, the neighbor right beside me really through a […]…

Volunteer’s Impressions of Honduras

From the moment he stepped onto the tarmac at the airport at the foot of the central mountains of Honduras, Ironton businessman Robert Slagel entered a world of shocking contrasts.…

Hanging Out In Honduras, Central America’s Unsung Hero

We were bad tourists today: After four weeks of insisting on only local dishes, we had Wendy’s for lunch. Then we skipped Tegucigalpa’s Museo para la Identidad Nacional and watched…

Hold a Monkey

I have a bit of a, not-so-secret, obsession with monkeys. Not the kind that throw their crap at you at the zoo, but the small cuddly ones that you could slap a diaper on and tote around like a hairy child. I was on an uncontrollable high when I found out that my dream of […]

A Canadian’s Viewpoint of Honduras

I went to Honduras because I wanted adventure, an opportunity to learn more about myself and the world and, most importantly, a year without winter. The bustle and cold of Toronto wasn’t for me anymore. I’d been there before, a year prior, for a few months of volunteer teaching. Its beauty and its people captured […]

Olancho – The Land of Cowboys

There is a saying here in the cowboy state of Olancho: “Come if you want, get out if you can.” The phrase, I believe, originates from two primary facts: 1. Olancho is quite removed from anywhere else in Honduras, and 2. Olancho has, unfortunately, become known in the last few years as a place for […]

Copan and Roatan a quest to learn a little about Central America

COPAN RUINAS, Honduras Men in jeans and straw hats walked along the highway that snaked through the mountains from San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas; fruit stands and shantytowns speckled the route. A small landslide caused by some heavy rains made part of our drive difficult, but my local guide, Eli, told me this was […]

Riding a bicycle 3,100 miles — Honduras to the U.S.

DURHAM — Getting to Honduras was a quick two- or three-hour plane flight. But for Emily Metzloff, getting back took two and a half months. It’s just not as fast on a bike. Metzloff was in Honduras with the Peace Corps, teaching kids about life skills, health and computers. While she was there, she biked […]

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