Getting to the Mayan Ruins of Copán in Honduras from Texas

Copán is a city on the western region of Honduras known for its archaeological sites and Mayan experiences. The city is located around 150km from Guatemala City and is often part of a tourist path for people exploring Central America’s Mayan Ruins.

Honduras history can be seen in structures throughout Honduras

Mayan Artifacts in Copan Display Honduras History

Visiting Copán from Texas is not a large assignment given the state’s location to the south of the United States. All seven International airports of Texas offer convenient flights out of the cities to just about anywhere in the world and a trip to Copán’s mysterious sites and nature will be an excellent getaway with little travel requirements. If visiting cities such as Houston, Dallas or Austin are not a common occurrence for you maybe a day or two to explore available attractions and activities in one of those cities could be a good inclusion to your excursion to Copán.

There are many options for getting to Copán from Texas and those may include flying to Guatemala City and hitting two birds with one stone, with the ruins and available attractions and activities. If this is not for you you’re able to get straight to Honduras and see what Copán has to offer. Honduras has many untouched prizes to satisfy those looking for any adventure. If coming from Texas direct flights out of Houston are readily available with Untied Airlines for around 600 dollars for a round trip airfare. The trip will take around two hours and fifty minutes, although, your plane will touch down in Honduras’ second largest city, San Pedro Sula. This city is around three hours by bus, with Hedman Alas, to Copán and the cost is approximately 30 dollars. There are other flight options coming out of Houston to San Pedro Sula and also heading for Guatemala City, if that’s the route you take. Guatemala City can be easily achieved from Houston with United Airlines with a similar cost and flight time to those heading slightly further south to San Pedro Sula. Once arriving in Guatemala City, if you don’t consider staying in Guatemala and checking out the Mayan ruins available there, you will have a bus option heading 150km to Copán. Here you will see some of the most amazing archaeological sites the world has to offer.

Given the location and cost of your trip from Texas you will be asking yourself why you had never visited Copan before. The town has some of the most fascinating ruins in the world and some of them still very well preserved and will leave you charmed with the archaeological discoveries provided. You may wish to get a tour guide while visiting the sites to get education on the sites and those are offered in English and Spanish if required. Another option is to take on the sites at your own pace, with you camera, and in peace. You can expect to see some of the ruins in the midst of the most undamaged examples of nature and this will help bring you back to earth and leave your stresses back in Texas. Copán is an excellent idea for a getaway that is guaranteed to satisfy and have you returning to see more attractions and experiencing the various activities available in Honduras with friends and family for years to come.

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