Holidaying options south of British Columbia: the Mayan ruins of Honduras

British Columbia is a province of Canada situated to the west of the country. The province is home to Vancouver and many attractions to give excellent reasons to visit this part of Canada. Vancouver is the third largest city in the country, located in British Columbia, and was host to the 2010 winter Olympics. If you are a fine lover of outdoor activities such as winter sports;  the facilities available in this part of Canada are second to none. Vancouver’s International Airport is not too far from the city center and direct flights are available arriving there and also getting you out to most parts of the world.

jaguar Hot Springs Copan Honduras

Canadians can leave the cold behind when they Travel to Honduras and Spend a Warm Holiday at  the Jaguar Hot Springs

For residents from British Columbia looking for an easy holiday trip, since the grass is always greener on the other side, a great idea for your convenience with a cost friendly price tag is Central America.

Honduras is a country in Central America with many things to offer such as tropical islands, Mayan ruins, jungle retreats and more. Copán is a located to the west of Honduras and not too far from the Guatemalan border. Simple flights from Vancouver’s International airport will get you into Honduras’s San Pedro Sula International Airport passing through Los Angeles (LAX) along the way. The cost of these flights will be around 500 dollars for a round trip airfare with Air Canada. You can expect these flights to take approximately seven hours of airtime. Air Canada will not get you the entire way and from LAX your connecting flight will be offered with United Airlines or American Airlines both with excellent frequent flyer programs. San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras and not too far from Copán. You may wish to stay the night in one of San Pedro Sula’s fine Hotels, since arriving there you may be a bit tired and need to unwind, you can to check out some of the city’s finest restaurants and culture as you will have a three-hour bus ride from there to Copán to finish your journey. This leg of the route can be provided by with Hedman Alas bus services with a cost of around 30 dollars. Once you r arrive in Copan you can stay at one of the best Hotels in Copan and enjoy some fine dining Mayan style as well as check out the local night life at one of the best Bar’s in Copan.

Air Canada offers comfortable Flat Seats for long air trips

During the first leg of your Travel to Honduras from Canada you can relax in Air Canada’s Flat Seats

Many visitors to Copán also check out the ruins on offer in Guatemala and do a similar excursion around that country, too. Guatemala City is about a 150 km bus ride to Copán and another option for getting to Copán, which can add to your adventure. Flights leave Vancouver heading for Guatemala City, too, with with a simple touch down in LAX. This is just another suggestion to get you to Copán given Guatemala City is only around 150km from Copán. You can expect United Airlines to supply this flight for around 700 dollars for a round trip and an airtime of around eight hours. Hedman Alas is a bus company that will also get you from Guatemala City to Copán for around 30 dollars. Either way your coming down from Vancouver is not too difficult. Delta and TACA Airlines are other companies that will offer a  flight out of LAX if you do wish to stay a night in Los Angeles, too. With efficient planning the travel routes will be little hassle and can offer an excuse to tick off attractions along the way.

Upon your arrival in Honduras you can expect to find nice food, culture, Mayan ruins and plenty of activities for the most savvy traveller. The ruins on activities in Copán are some of the best in the world and coupled with other Mayan ruins in Honduras and Guatemala, if you like, the Mayan adventure will be second to none. Copán will give you a great starting point to experience the many things to do in Honduras. All attraction will be a simple bus ride away with Hedman Alas. Other locations to consider in the country are Roatan for a tropical retreat and La Ceiba for a jungle adventure. Honduras is bound to provide you with an adventure of a lifetime.  Be sure to bookmark so we may be your Guide at any time while travelling to and within this splendid Central American holiday destination.

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