Travel from Australia to Honduras Central America: Opening your mind and your world

Cangrejal River Rafting in Honduras

Cangrejal River Rafting in Honduras

The Country of Honduras has many similar qualities to Australia, and those that provide a completely different world view. The cost of adventures in Honduras are a fraction of the cost of similar activities in Australia, so for people choosing to travel from Australia to Honduras, you will definitely see value in taking this journey.

The land down under is an island that not so many in the world have had the opportunity to see. The country is a massive island with a biologically diverse range of terrains that can make you feel like you have stepped back in time, or remind you you’re in a powerful country.

The country of Australia has desert in the centre, many outback settings all over, and modern cities with beaches for the cool crowd, as well as beaches that are completely secluded. Because of the country’s many attractions, it can make it hard for the locals to have eyes for travel to other countries.

Generally, when an Australian does set their eyes on an adventure off shore, boy do they pin their ears back and turn the adventure into a holiday of a lifetime.

Nature walk in Honduras National Parks

Nature walk in Honduras National Parks

Honduras is a country on the exact opposite side of the world from Australia. Although, thanks to two connecting flights if you’re running behind on the latest movies you will arrive in Honduras after around four new releases, three in-flight meals, four whiskies, two three melatonin tablets and a bit of small talk to your seat neighbour. Once you arrive in Honduras you can anticipate being amazed by Mayan ruins, natural beauty, tropical wildlife, the clearest oceans and the friendliest people. If you’re lucky you might spot a dolphin, and during your travels in and around August you’re likely to see some whales, too. The language will be another quality that will remind you you’ve left the shores of Australia. The money you save on arrival, due to the currency exchange, will almost immediately regather itself for the price of your initial airfare. Honduras is an excellent option away from the traditional Australian jet-setters heading for Thailand or Bali. Open your eyes, and then your world, and Honduras will look after you and create experiences you never knew existed.

Australia is a continent that was founded in 1788 when the first fleet from Britain discovered the island, put a fancy flag in the soil and disregarding any poor other soul that had been the previous. The country was original considered suitable for the convicts of Britain and those that committed crimes were sent there to rid Britain of those characters who were considered a little on the shifty side. The country has now advanced into a one that is multicultural, full of technology and people that are happy as Larry and always keen to give a good “G’day, mate!’ to a passing stranger.

The main cities in Australia are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin. I’ll withdraw my referral to those cities as “the main” as this may not tickle the fancy of those who are not from those cities and there are many other locations that are considered important but may not be considered cities and be referred to as towns.

Getting out of Australia is not always the most encouraging for those who are not used to long travel legs as there’s a lot of ocean once that plane sets out of the shores of Sydney or any city of the country for that matter. A flight from Sydney to Los Angeles (LAX) of the United States is the best option for getting to La Ceiba, Honduras. You can expect this flight to take around fourteen hours and fifteen on the way back. There are time differences due to wind turbulences and other flight variables during the flights that fiddle with the figures. Those flights can be offered through Virgin Airlines and Qantas Airlines, just to name a couple, and the expected flight cost will be around 1,500 dollars depending on the time of the year. The flight costs frequently experience increases and decreases depending on when you’re travelling. Before setting off on your journey be sure to sign up for the various frequent flyer programs available as the frequent flier miles earned on this very long trip can accumulate into an automatic free airline ticket for use on your next holiday.

Frequent Flyer Miles can accumulate into free airline tickets on long travel plans

Frequent Flyer Miles can accumulate into free airline tickets on long travel plans

If you’re a boy from the bush or a cowgirl passing through one of the cities, or the Big Smoke of Sydney you may like to knock some treats on the head before you get away. While in the Big Smoke, you can spend the day visiting Bondi Beach for a breakfast in the sun overlooking an amazing beach.

Along with the Country of Honduras you may like to visit other locations nearby during your journey; such as Nicaragua and Guatemala as well as the remaining Central American countries in order to get  to get the most out of Latin culture during your trip. It’s common to see Australian’s travelling for longer duration’s than many other country tourist or so it seems when you bump heads with them on different travel routes. This is due to the cost of the flights and the flight length from Australia so you will see Australians trying to compress multiple holidays into one and hit as many birds on the travel map with the one stone as possible. Honduras has many neighbouring countries and has many flavours to tempt the most knowledgeable Australian travel guru.

Explore for more information on all the wonderful fun and exciting holiday choices you can and will experience during your visit to the Country of Honduras.

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