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Originally founded as the “Villa de Jerez de Choluteca” it is one of the most historical cities in the country. Home to Honduran Independence hero Jose Cecilio del Valle, this charming colonial city is easily accessible from Tegucigalpa and is the gateway to the Pacific coast of Honduras. Located on the Pan American Highway, it is well connected to the cities of San Salvador in neighboring El Salvador, as well as the northern city of Esteli in Nicaragua. From Choluteca, there is a short distance of only 91 km. to the border of El Amatillo with El Salvador; the east, the Guasaule border with Nicaragua is only 44 km. away and 65 km. to the El Espino border. Choluteca offers the best preserved colonial architecture in the country, with a charming downtown area with pleasant and attractive colonial buildings.

The climate is hot and dry, in contrast to the humidity of the north coast, however, the same hospitality that is famous to Honduras can be found here. Choluteca sees tourism as an important activity that has focused more on the north coast region than elsewhere in the country, however, they have resolved to get a piece of the action themselves. A bustling commercial city, Choluteca offers the traveler a selection of hotels, going from the very pleasant Hacienda Gualiqueme, to a variety of good hotels, such as the La Fuente, Flamingos and Pierre, to name a few. In addition, there are a variety of banks, and the main economic activity is derived from cattle ranching, shrimp farming and fishing.

The nearby port city of San Lorenzo is the main port on the pacific coast of Honduras. All of the products that enter Honduras though the Gulf of Fonseca arrive through this port. The Gulf of Fonseca is truly a lovely and unique area, rich in mangrove vegetation and small islands. Standing on the coast, you can clearly see many of the islands, as well as the coasts of all three countries. The Isla Del Tigre with an almost perfect conical shape stands out within the gulf.

Another popular spot are the beaches at Cedeño, here, many vacationers from Tegucigalpa swarm during the holidays. The beach is unique as it is of volcanic origin, making its sand black, so make sure you wear beach sandals to avoid getting your feet burned. In Cedeño you can find al sorts of food and drink in the beach champas that are located almost over the water.

The colonial presence of the Spanish can be seen in many of the small towns in the department of Choluteca and Valle. Among the most interesting sites close to Choluteca is the colonial town of El Corpus, where an old colonial church is built at the entrance to an old silver mine, and the town of San Marcos de Colon, where the cool mountain climate is perfect for coffee farms and offers a respite from the heat in the lower lands.

Travel to Choluteca Honduras

Travel to Choluteca Honduras

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