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At times,  traveling within Honduras, as with other Central American countries,  can be frustrating.   Airlines and buses change schedules and delay trips with no prior notification and are constantly insisting everything will be happening

Honduras Flights at La Ceiba Airport

Need to charter a flight?

in 5 minutes whether or not they know it will take 5 hours.

This is where a travel agent in Honduras is invaluable.

Meet Alice Hill.  Alice was born and raised on the island of Utila.  Over the years she lived and worked as a travel agent in La Ceiba and the USA.  When she landed back in Utila 10 years ago she started World Wide Travel and is now the busiest person I know!

Every resort and vacation rental owner and manager in Utila has Alice at the top of their phone list.  She books flights and taxis to and from locations all over Honduras.  Her specialty is getting people to and from Utila, at times this is a challenge, but her contacts allow her to provide service all over the country.

Alice and Keri Hill of World Wide Travel.

Keri and Alice Hill of World Wide Travel.

What makes her so special?  Attention to detail and customer service, which is a rare find in Honduras.  For example (there are many from personal experience), if you book directly with SOSA and you miss your connection,  SOSA will say sorry, you can use your ticket another time, which is policy. But then you are stuck without a connection and the hassle of finding a new way to get to your destination in a country where you don’t know what the options are and no way to use your iphone to find out until you buy new sim card or find a wi-fi connection.  If Alice booked your flight, she knows you missed your connection because she called to see who made it to the counter and who did not.  She will have either booked a taxi or a hotel for you so when you do check in at the counter they have options for you.

What about that missing bag?  You can stress and call the airline 500 times with no answer.  But if you booked with Alice she has a guy who does that in every airport in the country.  She has their cell number and trusts them with your baggage claim ticket.  She will see it gets on a plane, bus, taxi, or ferry to your arms as quickly as possible.  If it somehow was rerouted to Singapore she will NOT tell you it will be at your hotel tomorrow just to make you feel better, but will tell you it will be here in 3 days or guess what, you will get it at home.   Go buy some clothes to wear while you are here.

Fly when you want with Captain Julio!  Alice charters planes for more prompt service.

Fly when you want with Captain Julio! Book with World Wide Travel.

I can’t tell you how many times I have called Alice from Houston Airport courtesy phone and said my flight has been cancelled, delayed, or changed and I need to reroute.  Everything from chartering a plane, to arranging a taxi, to changing my ticket from San Pedro to Tegus to Roatan is handled before I even touch the ground in Honduras.  If the connection is going to be tight, her contacts on the ground will come find you with a sign or by yelling your name in the immigration and get you to the front of the line.  They will grab your bags, kids, and paperwork and personally escort you to your plane.  That is service!  Especially after a 12 hour day without naps.

World Wide Travel also books international tickets.  At times they are cheaper then what you can find online.  Need to go on a visa run or just want to hop to another Central American country?  Alice finds and offers specials to Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Canada, Italy, you name it.

Alice is expanding her business and will eventually sell bus tickets, hotels,  and tours.  Keep your eyes out for her new services and additions to her staff including daughter Keri.

If you plan to travel to Honduras, keep her number and email in your back pocket.  Facebook World Wide Travel or check or

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