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As a self-proclaimed “coffee snob” I take pride in what types of coffee I buy and drink. I like to be well informed in the origins, process and farming techniques, primarily if it’s fair trade and sustain-ably grown. At the beginning of my semester here at the University of North Georgia I began to daily brew and drink Toms Coffee.


TOMS Roasting Co. is not only sold in select grocery stores but also growing in their chain of local coffee shops- locations include Texas, Illinois, California, and Oregon.
Although 86% of Hondurans are reported to have access to clean water,
many of the water systems do not meet government standards.
TOMS Coffee purchases help provide water to schools, health clinics and families
in the rural districts of El Negrito ans San Antonio de Cortes.

Yes, the same Toms which makes shoes and glasses. I have owned multiple pairs of Toms shoes; one day during my summer semester here I was putting off studying and scrolling through my Twitter feed. Stumbling across Toms page I noticed something brand new: Toms Roasting Co.

Curious and intrigued I anxiously awaited the arrival of Toms coffee to my local Whole Foods Market.

Sewn into Toms DNA is the One For One principle- for every purchase, Toms will donate one pair of shoes, glasses, or water to a child, person or community in need.

The coffee sourced for the Toms Roasting Co. is direct trade coffee, primarily single-sourced, certified organic, and a member of the Rainforest Alliance.


TOMS Dark Roast- Honduras is Certified Organic and takes part in the Rainforest Alliance, it also passes the palette of a “Coffee Snob.”

My favorite: Dark Roast- Honduras Blend. It’s grown in a specialty region new to coffee production. However, the farmers are eager to make a name for themselves through their unique agricultural skills. The coffee is grown in prime conditions, including altitude, temperature, and soil type.

Honduras’ profile is a dark roast with light acidity- this means it’s a very smooth, easy drink accompanied by a crisp smell and full flavor. Honduras dark roast is sweet and clean throughout its entire consumption.

This past semester has been exhausting, but through it I’ve come to love my mornings. My roommate has a 7:00 a.m Calculus class so I am able to enjoy my mornings peacefully as the aroma of organic coffee fills our room. I even look forward to waking up early as I imagine my multiple morning cups of coffee.

If you want to try Toms coffee visit their website for more information about their locations in Texas, Illinois, California, and Oregon.

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