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Tigo Honduras

Add Minutes to Tigo Cell Phones Anywhere

Use this handy tool to add minutes to any Tigo cell phone. Simply enter the cellular phone number for cell phones in Honduras. Remember to bookmark this page (or add to your favorites) for your next Tigo Recharge (Recarga). You can also send Money (Remesas) up to Lps. 20,000 (US $ 1,000.00) to any person with a Tigo cell phone in Honduras using “Tigo Money”. Tigo also provides Internet and Cable Service in Honduras.

Instantly add minutes to Honduras Tigo Cell Phones

TIGO was launched in Honduras in 2004, to replace the old national brand CELTEL, that had been founded on September 15, 1996, with a new international brand. TIGO Honduras, in a country of 8 million inhabitants with an 87% mobile penetration rate has a total 4.5 million users.[1] It competes with international operators Claro (America Movil), Digicel (Digicel Group) and government owned operator Hondutel, using GSM/GPRS and UMTS (HSDPA) 3G both over 850 MHz. Now shutdown technologies include AMPS and CDMA. Tigo Business also known as “Navega” provides dedicated Internet Services and consulting for businesses in Honduras

Millicom International Cellular, also known as Tigo, is a mobile phone network provider in America and Africa. Based in Luxembourg, the company provides mobile services in 13 countries. With operations across Central America, South America, South-east Asia, and Africa, using GSM, CDMA and TDMA on Africa and Asia, GSM and UMTS over Central America and South America. Millicom also is the owner of Amnet, a company that provides cable television and broadband internet services in Costa Rica, Honduras and El Salvador; additionally the company provides corporate data services in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Tigo Cell Phone Plans

TIGO Money – send and receive money quickly and securely from your mobile phone.

What is Tigo Money?

It is a new service with which you can send and receive money quickly and securely, from your Tigo.

What are the services offered by Tigo Money?

With Tigo Money you can:

Send money to your family or friends anywhere in the country
Receive money sent immediately.
You can make your payments for public services, Tigo, Tigo Home plan
Recharge your cell phone
TIGO Money in 3 steps:

Visit authorized agents
Tell the representative of Tigo Money the cell number of the person to whom you want to send money into Honduran territory and the amount of rotation you want to perform.
Instantly, the person to which you sent the money receives a notification message.

Tigo Money products

Types of services offered by Tigo Money:

Payments for public services
Tigo Plan
Tigo Home Cable

Steps to make your payments to Tigo Money agents:
Visit your nearest point of sale
Indicate type of transaction you want to perform
Cash delivery
You will receive a proof of payment

Steps to make your payments from your mobile phone:
Sign up for your nearest point of sale
You deposit money into your account Tigo Money
Brand * 555 # SEND
Enter the payment option and follow the instructions

Frequently asked Tigo Money questions

What is the cost of the service?

If you send money, the cost of the service is 4% on the amount sent.

What are the requirements to use the service?

Be of legal age

Present identity card or passport

Fill out form for sending/receipt

How can you locate my nearest agent?

To know your point of sale nearest you can do one of the following options:

Enter the link http://www.tigo.com.hn/tigo-money/puntos-de-venta

If you are registered:

Key in * 555 # Send

You choose 1 from the menu

If you are not registered:

Send a message without cost with the word to 555 with the word “Agente”.

What are the allowed amounts to transact?

With Tigo Money can make shipments from Lps.5.00 to Lps. 20, 000. For more information visit your nearest point of sale.

Why Do you request that the customer change the Pin?

We need to change it for your safety. It is highly recommended not to share it with anyone, because this is your security code.

What should I do if you delete the message where it is confirmed that they sent me money?

You can check your balance by dialing * 555 # SEND and go to the my account option.

Why do not have I received notification of a “Giro” “Remesa” “Sent Money”?

If you have turned off your cell phone or have a saturated Inbox you likely will not receive notification, but don’t worry, the money is in your Tigo Money account.

Tigo Business

Corporate Internet Services – Also known in Honduras as “Navega”

Data Transport – Local, Regional, National, International
TIGO Business has developed products and services based on the needs of connectivity at the national, regional and international level of companies and businesses.
To meet these needs Tigo structures their customers access to the services of the network with optical fiber optic, copper or wireless, to provide easy access, reliability, and low price.

Products that Tigo Business currently offers to the market are:

Data transport

Lan services

Extended through optical fiber backbone network. Ideal for businesses that require sharing of information at high speeds (10,100 Mbps, 1 Gbps)

Wimax service

Local network using the Wimax system with wireless connectivity in the last mile, aimed at companies seeking economic and reliable connectivity services.

Fixed telephony – contact the cheapest fixed telephony

It is the traditional telephony service that allows you to connect telephones and central PBX to the public switched network.

Sets a local, national and international communication in which through a dial-up connection we will connect your company with the world, offering you commercial and competitive advantages for your business. In addition to reducing your phone bill, you will have the guarantee of having the best care and support.

Colocation – National and Regional
International links ending in the NAP of the Americas (Florida, USA) which allows you to communicate anywhere in the world.


Solutions of clear channels both on optical fibre with speeds of Nx64 access.

Solutions in MPLS technology, ensures easy increase of bandwidth, reliability, quality of service and a high level of safety and security through the use of computers VPN terminals on the customer site.

Tigo has MPLS nodes in Central America, Panama and in the Americas – Terremark NAP (where the carriers are interconnected most important to the rest of the world) through which Tigo offers private IP connectivity.

Clear Channels and MLPS

A solution which provides dedicated circuits between different localities of the country. Similarly, it guarantees to companies 100% of your bandwidth and provides high levels of security.


Transmission speed in Nx64 Kbps, 2 Mbps, DS3, STM-1 and STM-4.

Last mile in fiber optic solution, ideal for local, InterCity, and international links.

In a single connection allows the integration of:

Video conferencing
Corporate voice (VoIP)
Support 7 × 24

Gigared Metro (MPLS)

Solutions in MPLS technology, ensures easy increase of bandwidth, reliability, quality of service and a high level of safety and security through the use of computers VPN terminals on the customer site.
TIGO Business with nodes MPLS in Central America, Panama and in the Americas – Terremark NAP (where it is interconnected with the most important carriers to the rest of the world) by means of which Tigo offer private IP connectivity.


Transmission in Nx64 Kbps speed.

Ideal for long distance and local links.

Last mile in fiber optic solution.

Offers an excellent relation cost-benefit producing significant savings of time and money

Support 7 × 24

Easily scalable in size of the network and transmission speed.

A single connection enables the integration of:

High speed Internet
Video conferencing
Corporate voice (VoIP)
Virtual private networks (VPN) – security, speed and reliability

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