Things to do in Honduras

Located  in Central America the country lies to the south of Guatemala and the north of Nicaragua and El Salvador.  The country offers a wide variety of activities and places to visit, and tourists looking for a flavor of Central American culture won’t be disappointed. Thanks to its year-round warmth, beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes, Honduras has enjoyed growing numbers of international visitors every year.

Rafting in Honduras

Wet Attractions

Not only is Honduras home to one of the largest rainfall supported lakes in the world with excellent Bass fishing but you also can make the most of the country’s geothermal activity by enjoying its hot springs thoughout the country in areas like Copan and La Ceiba as well as many other locations around the country.  Whether you want a semi-scalding dip or something more the equivalent of a warm bath, the various Hot Spring throughout the country will be an unforgettable experience and hopefully not because of the sulphurous smells. Lake Yojoa is a major water-based attraction that lies between the capital of Honduras city of Tegucigalpa and the Industrial Capital of Honduras San Pedro Sula.  Lake Yojoa is described as one of the most picturesque, as it is surrounded by precious mountain views.

City Life

Tegucigalpa is the country’s capital and contains a wealth of cathedrals, museums, places of interest and shopping opportunities, but a few other urban locations also might be worth visiting. La Ceiba on the North coast is consider the “Bride” of Honduras and known as the place to have fun. San Pedro Sula is the hustling and bustling city where people work hard and play hard with many fine dinning restaurants as well as high tech nightclubs.


Honduras is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. To make the most of the country’s offerings, consider visiting the Biosphere on the Eastern coast in the area known as La Moskitia a true rain forest. The Pico Bonito National park is home to species of birds, reptiles and mammals which include wild Jaguars in a stunning mountain range with many fine Bed and Breakfast providing excellent accommodations and spectacular views as well as a back packers delight Jungle River Lodge. Here, visitors can stay in a hostel or a campsite and enjoy long treks through the reserve’s forests by day. Alternatively, the Bay Islands of Honduras provide some of the most spectacular diving in the world where you can be challenged as an experienced diver or just spend a few hours on a fun dive for those who have never tried Diving.  Utila, Roatan and Guanaja all offer PADI courses to get certified at some of the least expensive prices in the World along with accommodations that range from back packer heaven to 5 star All Inclusive Resorts.


Influenced by its history, Honduras is a mixture of Spanish and Mayan cultures. In the city of Copan, visit the Copan Ruins Archaeological Park Museum of Mayan Costumes to see a wide range of traditional dress worn by native Hondurans. For something a little more adventurous, try visiting Copan. These Mayan ruins allow you to see the most advanced discovery of Mayan Astronomers discovered to date and visitors who make the journey will be rewarded with exploring the one of the most intriguing  Mayan ruin sites in existence that has yet to be completely unearthed.

There are many things to do in Honduras while vacationing or just passing through Honduras. Most of these activities are of outstanding quality, and many of them should not be left out of your Honduras travel experience.

In an effort to help you determine which of these are a ‘must’ to do, we have put together a comprehensive list outlining what we consider the best  “Things to Do in Honduras”.

Things to Do in Honduras

If you only do three things

Visit Copán, a World Heritage Site known as the “Athens of the new world”, where you can see the hieroglyphics and temples of one of the most documented of Mayan sites. Escape to the Barbareta Marine National Park (Bay Islands): eight miles of jungle trails and a 1,250 acre private Parrot Preserve are spread across this 5km private island, which teems with wildlife and exotic plants. It is an eco-tourists’ paradise. If you prefer to avoid the heat, then test your nerve by rafting and canopy trekking on the Cangrejal river, in the cool interior mountains surrounding La Ceiba. Some time around 2000 BC, the Maya civilization appeared in the small villages of northern Central America.

Things to Do in Honduras

Bird Watching
Horseback Riding
Hot Springs

Kite Boarding
Nature Expeditions
Zip Line

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