The Truth About La Ceiba

Are you considering a trip to La Ceiba but want to know the truth about La Ceiba before you go ahead and plan your trip?

Over the years, la Ceiba has matured as a destination. Years ago, La Ceiba was a destination where night life was very varied and active, and finding several different bars and night clubs open on any random night was taken for granted. Many used to describe La Ceiba as a “poor” version on New Orleans, where there was always a festive mood, where any excuse was good to get a party going, and where there has a happy go lucky attitude about life. Because of the port, there were always lots of sea faring men in town, and that of course, meant that there were always a lot of women that were readily available to provide company. Some even referred to La Ceiba as a “little Bangkok”.

But, the truth about La Ceiba is that it has changed quite a bit, for one, it is no longer an important port where cargo ships dock regularly, the economy, which has been quite restricted since the passing of hurricane Mitch back in 1998, has forced the closing of many different bars and nightclubs, and the “Zona Viva” which was the lively night life neighborhood in town has slowly transformed itself to a new more upscale tourist area, with elegant hotels such as the Quinta Real Hotel, the totally new Partenon Beach Hotel and the charming La Casa de Nery Bed and Breakfast. No longer is the city a destination for old gringos looking for female companions; it has blossomed into a great destination for backpackers, birdwatchers and nature lovers.

A new lively area in town has sprung in the avenue that leads to the D’Antony Hospital, where you will find a variety of nice restaurants and bars that are open most days of the week. The atmosphere is far more upscale, without being elegant or fancy, and most of the city’s restaurants have chosen to move or start up in this neighborhood.

The Truth about La Ceiba

Aerial view of the Cangrejal River Valley with La Villa de Soledad B&B in the foreground. Photo by Luis Aguero

La Ceiba has taken great pride in its natural surroundings, as well as to the fact that it is the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras. With four national parks within its realms, La Ceiba offers outstanding hiking in Pico Bonito National Park, great sea kayak paddling in the Cacao Lagoon, as well as outstanding natural hot springs in Nombre de Dios National Park, fantastic snorkeling and diving in the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument, a small archipelago of islands located just off the coast of La Ceiba, and finally the opportunity to visit the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, home to the endangered Antillean Manatee, as well as to many different marine birds and reptiles.

The truth about La Ceiba

A view of the lobby at La Villa de Soledad B&B

One of the most outstanding aspects of the truth about La Ceiba is the area known as the Cangrejal River Valley, this is a delightfully natural area where the beautiful Cangrejal River offers some of the most outstanding scenic settings in all of Central America. The area offers the most diverse nature and eco lodging facilities in Honduras, including the award winning La Villa de Soledad Bed and Breakfast. Other alternatives include Omega Tours Jungle Lodge, Villas Pico Bonito and Las Cascadas Lodge. The above lodges are all located only 30 minutes away from the ferry terminal in La Ceiba, making it a perfect vacation combination with your visit to Roatan or Utila.

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