The day after Canada day

Canada day was long! The start of the month meant we needed to be out of our house. We had set the goal of finishing all carpentry work so the boat could go to our fibreglass friend’s shop. After the 3 consecutive 16 hour days of work session we still were not finished. Fortunately our eternal supporters at who were moving into our house suggested we stay a little longer to finish.
The procession of the 2 hulls and all materials headed out after lunch. It was a huge relief. With clean up and moving we didn’t get to sit down until after 9pm. There were fire works in the distance, it could have been some fellow Canadian, some kids playing.. or gun fire.
Today we hoped to fiberglass the top of the main hull with the though that we might be done early. We ran out of resin and at still weren’t done at 9pm. No more needs to be said then DETAILS.

2 Responses to "The day after Canada day"

  1. Denis  July 7, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    Jeremy & David – Friday and we are at the cottage again. Mom and I just came back from a swim, checked your web site and looking forward to pictures of the Princess Anna afloat.


  2. Skipper  July 8, 2006 at 12:06 am

    Have a great weekend, I hope the wind is half as good on Bella as it is here! Whew! We were already overpowered today and Anna took a swim. We’ll try to give you a call this weekend, we’ll be around working on a few minor details. -Dave

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