The Best Restaurants in Tegucigalpa

There are many different restaurants in Tegucigalpa, which is the capital city of Honduras. Following is our list of what we consider are the top restaurants in Tegucigalpa and we are confident that you will agree with us!

Hacienda Real

Hacienda Real, probably the best restaurant in Tegucigalpa

Hacienda Real, probably the best restaurant in Tegucigalpa

A first class restaurant featuring the best steaks in Honduras as well as a variety of other dishes. Set in a nice spacious building with a colonial character, and offering indoor and outdoor seating, Hacienda Real is a treat. Located just across the street from the Marriott Hotel in Tegucigalpa, Hacienda Real is open daily for lunch and dinner. A bit on the pricy side by Honduran standards, it is still a bargain by international standards. Full international bar with top shelf drinks available. Telephone (504) 2239 6860.


Rojo Verde y Ajo

This restaurant has been in business for over 10 years and has managed to be consistent with quality and service, a true feat in the trade! Mandy, the owner is usually present and is always on top of things, is a great host and outstanding restaurateur! Rojo
Verde y Ajo is open daily except Sunday for lunch and dinner, and after dinner becomes one of the happening bars in town. Located just off the Boulevard Morazan, a couple of blocks from the Honduras Maya and Distrito Hotelero San Martin, it has a great location, however parking can be a nuisance! Their beef carpaccio and eggplant appetizers are outstanding! A great all around restaurant with good service and outstanding food! E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2232 5653.

Gino`s Pasta Café

A nice, cozy, European atmosphere in the heart of Tegucigalpa. Gino’s Cafe Pasta
A nice, cozy, European atmosphere in the heart of Tegucigalpa. Gino’s Cafe Pasta

Located within the Distrito Hotelero San Martin, within walking distance of the Honduras Maya, Plaza San Martin, Plaza del General and Plaza del Libertador Hotels, Gino’s is one of the top restaurants in Tegucigalpa. With a specialty in Italian food, Gino`s offers the best pasta in town, as well as variety of Italian dishes, I for one love their beef with gorgonzola sauce. Open mostly for lunch, the owner Don Ricardo is usually on premises and serving himself, making sure everything is just perfect. A bit pricy, but heck, you are not going to have a gourmet dinner and pay peanuts for it! They have an extensive dessert menu and many of their desserts are “do die for”. Their coffee is also outstanding. Telephone: (504) 2238 1464. Their bar service is limited but they have a nice wine list.

La Piola

The dining terrace at La Piola Italian Restaurant in Tegucigalpa Honduras
The dining terrace at La Piola

The now famous Italian franchise, La Piola is in Tegucigalpa at Nova Centro in the trendy Centro Comercial los Proceres at the Boulevard Morazan. Offering what is without doubt the best pizza in Honduras, La Piola has an original selection of both traditional pizzas as well as some truly innovative combinations. Open daily for lunch and dinner from11:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. later from Wednesday to Saturday nights. Telephone: (504) 2243 0641 E-mail:


Ni Fu Ni Fa

The wine cellar at Ni Fu Ni Fa Steak House Restaurant in Tegucigalpa Honduras
The wine cellar at Ni Fu Ni Fa Steak House

An outstanding steak house with an Argentine flair and one of the best salad bars in town. Ni Fu Ni Fa is located on the Boulevard Morazan, across the street from the El Dorado Commercial Building and behind the Casa de Café coffee shop. Open daily, they offer a variety of tasty South American style cuts and serve your steak exactly as you ordered it cooked. Their menu includes other options including some seafood dishes. Pleasant setting and good service.  Full international bar and a nice selection of wines to choose from. Telephone (504) 2221 2056

Tony’s Mar

Probably the best seafood restaurant in Tegucigalpa. Located at the Boulevard Suyapa, it is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m., later on weekends. The cuisine is superb, and they offer seafood soups that are out of this world! Good service and reasonable prices. The one downside is the parking, get there early because the do not have much parking space and there is no parking on the boulevard! Telephone: (504) 2232 5266.

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