The Best Restaurants in Copan

There are many different eateries in Copan, with prices for every budget and with different cuisines from around the world. Following is my list of top restaurants in Copan:

Glifos at Marina Copan Hotel

I usually don’t recommend restaurants in hotels, but Glifos is the top restarant  with  an outstanding local recipes, continental cuisine and impeccable service, it is also the one restaurant that is open 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Copan. Although prices are higher that the rest of town, the quality of their food and service makes it worth every penny. They have a small wine list and offer a full international bar at the restaurant. Open daily from 7:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. E- mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4070.

Hacienda San Lucas.

If you are not staying at this hotel, then you must go for dinner. Reservations are a must, and I recommend arriving around 5:00 p.m. at the latest to get a chance to sit and watch the sunset over the mountains! Food is typical Copanecan, which is quite different to the rest of typical Honduran cuisine, and it is prepared in such a way that it has a serious gourmet touch to it! Tables are all candlelit and the scene is without doubt mystical and romantic at the same time. Having dinner at San Lucas is a true experience that you will remember as one of the highlights of your trip to Honduras.  Owner and manager, Flavia Cueva is normally on the premises and is a truly gracious host! E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4495.

Café San Rafael

More of a café than a restaurant, San Rafael is located across the street from Carnitas Nia Lola, about 1 ½ blocks from Central Park. The coffee here is outstanding, as it is grown and processed by the Guerra family that owns this place. The son, Carlos is a graduate from El Zamorano, the famous agricultural university near Tegucigalpa and is producing outstanding cheeses from scratch. This is the best cheese in Honduras, probably in Central America. In addition, they serve snacks, wine to go with the cheese and some outstanding desserts. Open daily for breakfast and lunch, they close in the early evening. When you go, ask Carlos about the selection of cheese that he has that day, and have him suggest the best options!


A great place for a good meal. Probably the best spot for breakfast in town. They also have outstanding rotisserie chicken, salads, baleadas and even some Chinese food. They are great and very accommodating with vegetarians and always have a variety of veggio options for them! Owners are friendly, and a great source of local information for both Copan as for the rest of the country. Setting is informal and basic, but prices are right and hygiene outstanding. Very friendly service. Located right at the entrance to Copan, one a half blocks from Central Park and one a half blocks from the bridge over the creek at the entrance to town. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 7:00 a.m.till 9:00 p.m. except Tuesday. E:mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 3953.

Don Udos

One of the best options for first class continental cuisine in Copan! Located at the Don Udos Hotel, a small hotel that is run under European standards. Owner, Udo is a dutch who has lived many years in Honduras and decided to retire in Copan Ruinas. He has many years of experience as a restaurateur in Honduras and provides top quality food and service.  E:mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4533

Café Welchez

Actually part of the Marina Copan Hotel, and located right on the corner with Central Park, this nice café offers excellent coffee from the Welchez family coffee finca, located about 20 miles out of town on the road to San Pedro Sula. (If you are interested in seeing a coffee finca, this is a great opportunity to stop and get a tour in a coffee plantation!) The café offers some of the best desserts in town, a true must if you have a sweet tooth! In addition they have a small menu with a variety of goods including the local “ticucos”, a very Copanecan tamal. E- mail: Telephone: (504) 2651 4070.

Comedor y Pupuseria Mary

If you are into local food, this is without doubt your best option, Very affordable, very clean, very typical! Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favourites are the “empanadas”, also known as “pupusas” a stuffed corn tortilla that is prepared and then cooked. They are delicious! Located half a block south of the Market. Telephone: (504) 2651 4673


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