The Best Hotels in San Pedro Sula

As the second largest city in Honduras, and the manufacturing and financial center of the country, San Pedro Sula has many different hotel options available for people visiting the city. The best hotels in San Pedro Sula were chosen from the internationally famous hotel chains to small more personable hotels and even some cozy bed and breakfasts. There is something for every need and desire, as well as for every budget in our selection of the best hotels in San Pedro Sula.

Hotel Real Intercontinental San Pedro Sula

The best chain hotel in San Pedro Sula, the Intercontinental, offers the highest service standards in Honduras, with large rooms, great restaurants, outstanding meeting facilities and everything a business person would want in a hotel. The Intercontinental is located within the Multiplaza Mall, offering great shopping and a truly convenient location, not downtown, but really within reach of downtown. Telephone (504) 2545 2500.

Hotel Gran Mediterraneo San Pedro Sula Honduras

Spacious, comfortable suites at the Clarion Suites Gran Mediterraneo.


Hotel Clarion Suites Gran Mediterraneo

65 spacious suites with all of the amenities, Gran Mediterraneo has outstanding facilities in the heart of San Pedro Sula. A multitude of meeting rooms, a comfortable restaurant with good food and a cozy bar make up for a true oasis in downtown San Pedro Sula. If you need to be close to the heart of San Pedro Sula, this hotel is a great option. E-mail: Telephone: (504) 2550 8585.




Casa del Arbol Galerias Hotel in San Pedro Sula

A clean, spacious room with king size bed at Casa del Arbol Galerias Hotel in San Pedro

Hotel Casa del Arbol Galerias

A small, family owned and run hotel that has two very distinct features: It was built with energy efficiency in mind, and efforts and financial investments were made to insure the highest possible efficiency. It is one of a very select group of hotels in Honduras that has qualified to be certified as such. The second outstanding feature is the local art found in rooms, hallways and common areas. The art combines exquisitely with the décor in the rooms which are large, fresh and very comfortable. Casa del Arbol actually has two different locations, the original, a 13 room hotel is located very close to downtown, in the Guamilito district of town, the new larger 26 room Casa del Arbol Galerias is located in the upscale Jardines del Valle district, only a few of blocks from the Galeria Jardines del Valle Mall. Owners, Dora and Donaldo are always on site and ready to take care of your needs. E-Mail: Telephone: (504) 2566-4201, (504) 2566-4202.

The Green Frog Inn in San Pedro Sula

Uniquely decorated rooms at the Green Frog Inn in San Pedro


The Green Frog Inn

A small, very comfortable bed and breakfast located in the Colonia Trejo. The owner, a nice older lady called Doña Sara has a small apartment here and personally supervises the daily operation. Each room is different, with decoration being unique and different and making of it a really nice small boutique hotel in San Pedro Sula. If you are looking for a small bed and breakfast, this is without doubt a great option in town! E-mail: , Telephone: (504) 2550-4910, 2550-0998, 9537-5791.



Boutique Hotel Isabella

A small, 12 room cozy boutique hotel with outstanding service, Isabella offers a first class concierge service, a unique gourmet restaurant featuring fusion cuisine and a nice swimming pool. The hotel is located in the nice residential area of Los Andes, a couple of blocks off the main Juan Pablo Segundo Boulevard that does a loop around the city. Email : Telephone:  (504) 2550-9191, (504) 9511-1679.

Boutique Hotel La Cordillera

Located across the street from the Copantl Hotel in the Colonia los Arcos, the Boutique Hotel La Cordillera is a sister hotel of the Apart hotel La Cordillera. A great location in a quiet neighbourhood and yet within walking distance to the Multiplaza Mall, this hotel offers the large, comfortable rooms nicely decorated, good service and the charm of a medium size boutique hotel. A great, classy mid priced option in San Pedro Sula. E-mail: Telephone: Tel: (504) 2516-0425.

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