The Begining of Our Sailing Adventure

Why are some humans cast on a life of adventure; cursed with a desire to explore, experience and exceed? We, three so cursed friends are embarking on a new adventure. It is not the rare or challenging route that we are taking, but the method of travel that has raised more then a few eyebrows.

In brief, we will be sailing from La Ceiba, Honduras along the coast of Belize and Mexico. The final destination will depend on the boat. Will be make it to Cuba? Will be make it to Miami?

The first goal is to minimize cost and time to get a suitable sailboat in the water. While many people have spent years and thousands of dollars on a sailboat, we believe that the same, if not more, fun and excitement can be had with vessel built in a couple of weeks with a couple thousand dollars. During the next several days the boat, people and route will come together to form means and the motive of this tale.

The characters involved in this adventure are Anna Richter, David Crane and Jeremy Crane. The following is a brief Bio of each and some personal ratings that we found funny: Sailor Rating [(1)ballast/(5)professional], Professional Rating [(1)office clerk/(5)forest fire fighter], Adversity Rating [(1)Barbie/(5)Abraham Lincoln]

Anna – 26, USA
Currently Living in – Las Mangas, Honduras, finishing her peace corps service helping with local education, environmental and social causes.
Attributes – Adventure loving athlete, capable swimmer, calm and reliable. Engineer by training.
Destination – Michigan.
Sailor Rating: 1 – doesn’t know what ballast is.
Professional Rating: 5 – extended peace core term in the middle of nowhere
Adversity Rating: 4 – loves the jungle

David – 26, Canada (my brother)
Currently Living in – Montreal, Canada, working and loving life.
Attribute – Highly capable sailor with adventure in his blood. Engineer by training.
Destination – Quebec.
Sailor Rating: 4 – Crewed in boat across the Atlantic, skippered in many races
Professional Rating: 3 – varied employment
Adversity Rating: 3 – know to carry out some crazy acts

Jeremy – 28, Canada
Currently Living in – La Ceiba, Honduras
Attribute – Resourceful and capable athlete and mechanical engineer. Referred to as a good companion in trouble.
Destination – The next adventure – MBA school.
Sailor Rating: 3 – Significant dingy racing experience, ocean windsurfing and kiting, good crew.
Professional Rating: 4 – Primarily key pusher that is often found climbing towers and hauling materials
Adversity Rating: 4 – Has frequented many uncomfortable places

The boat:
As of yet the boat exists in each of our heads. Each one of the characters has a different vision of what the craft will entail. We have agreed that it will be a proa design with Cayucos (dug out canoes) for hulls and the wind as our primary means of propulsion. Various designs have been considered and designed, but due to financial and time goals the product will be very basic.
The first task is to find hulls and a mast. With these components in had, we will head to a friends beach to fill out the remaining design details including sleeping space, steering, centerboard, backup propulsion etc.

3 Responses to "The Begining of Our Sailing Adventure"

  1. Landlover  June 29, 2006 at 4:25 pm

    How’s the design coming? Any photos available yet?

  2. Denis  July 2, 2006 at 7:59 am

    A great Blog. Do you have any more pictures of the Yacht.

  3. zenia  July 6, 2006 at 3:12 pm

    zenia is the fiberglass queen that is helping us to make this boat BONITA

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