Tegucigalpa Poetry Contest Announces Winner

The Fourth Ibero-American poetry contest, “Floral Games of Tegucigalpa” has a winner. Juegos Florales de Tegucigalpa Poetry Contest

The Mayor of the Central District Municipality of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Juan Carlos García, and the Permanent Commission to “Juegos Florales de Tegucigalpa” announced the decision on Saturday to award José María Zonta Arias of Costa Rica the top honor for his submission, “El Libro de los Flamingos” (The Book of the Flamingos). The poetry contest entries were to have been submitted by May 10, 2015, and was open to all Latin American poets, regardless of their place of residence.

 Poetry Contest Winner

Juegos Florales de Tegucigalpa Poetry Contest Winner José María Zonta Arias

The official awards ceremony will be held in August of 2015 at the Cultural Center of Spain in Tegucigalpa [Centro Cultural de España Tegucigalpa (CCET)]. The winner of the contest receives $5,000 USD which covers the right of the author to the first edition of the printed book, and 10 percent of those published. Publication of the work will be performed by “Ediciones La Ronda”, and circulation of the “El Libro de los Flamingos” book of poems will be free of charge.

Honduran Poet Livio Ramírez

Honduran Poet Livio Ramírez Participated as a Judge in the 2015 Poetry Contest, Juegos Florales de Tegucigalpa.

Judges were comprised of five people. The first two, with no vote, were a representative of the Permanent Commission for the contest and a notary. The main three judges were the well-known poets Jorge Humberto Chávez of Mexico, María Ángeles Pérez López of Spain, and Honduran Livio Ramírez Lozano, who has written seven books, and won several prestigious international awards.

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