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Students Helping Honduras (SHH) continues its work aiding the poor and orphans despite the political turmoil in the Central American nation. Shin Fujiyama, a former University of Mary Washington student and founder of the nonprofit agency, says most of the problems are confined to the capital, Tegucigalpa.

SHH works in El Progreso, a city near Honduras’ northern coast about 100 miles away. Fujiyama spends much of his time there coordinating the work of volunteers.

Said Fujiyama, “Almost all of the protesting is going on in [the capital]. The rest of the country is pretty quiet, as people have children to feed and crops to grow.” He added, “Hondurans seem to be sick and tired of the power struggle between politicians and want to move on.”

honduras volunteers

Shin Fujiyama, founder of Students Helping Honduras

He said SHH is still operating on a normal schedule. “We had volunteers in Honduras during and after the coup. An increase of traffic was about the only inconvenience” in El Progreso. There’s been no change in plans for about 200 students to volunteer with the agency over the winter.

Still, he said, “We have staff members on the ground keeping a close eye on the situation.”

By Rusty Dennen

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