Snorkeling with Pilot Whales

Underwater Vision was treated to a wonderful experience during their surface interval on April 14th, 2013. Pilot Whales were seen in the distance. Captain Hoover, carefully approached them, instructed the divers on the rules for snorkeling with these creatures and off they went. At least four whales were spotted, one calf, and they stuck around for a bit, allowing the snorkelers to catch a glimpse underwater and even snap some photographs. This was only the second time Captain Hoover has seen Pilot Whales, and he’s at sea almost every day. The dive group, which included a few newly certified PADI divers, was fortunate to say the least.

Pilot whales are not a common sight on Utila. You’re more likely to see dolphins or whale sharks. The species spotted was the Short Fin Pilot Whale, often found in the warm oceans of the tropics. Pilot Whales are some of the biggest species of Oceanic Dolphins, second only to the Killer Whale.

Captain Hoover’s Rules:

  • Do not dive into the water. Slide in carefully
  • No free diving
  • Do not touch or harass the marine life
Snorkeling with Pilot Whales

Pilot Whales hang out with Underwater Vision between dives

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