Sky Dive Honduras – Parachute out of a Perfectly Good Airplane!

Parachute in Honduras -Sky Diving Classes

Parachute in Honduras – Sky Diving Classes

A new activity to escape the routine and experience new sensations is now here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Challenging heights and feeling the adrenaline as you cross the sky is already possible in Honduras, now skydiving, which previously was only available for the military, is now available for people of all ages.

The Horizons Aviation School and Honduras Parachute Company (Watch the Video on You Tube) brought to town this extreme adventure. For the person to be able to jump, they must first receive a two-day training session  since they are jumping alone for the first time out, just receiving radio instructions from their teachers.  They are the first to provide this type of service in Honduras.

The first thing you need to do this is the desire to do it, and to be in good cardiovascular health,  one of the requirements is to have an electrocardiogram to make sure all is well and if you are a minor, you need signed parental permission.

Sky Dive Honduras Parachute Thrills and Classes

Sky Dive Honduras Parachute Thrills and Classes

Sky Diving in Honduras Learn to Parachute in Honduras
Sky Diving in Honduras Learn to Parachute in Honduras

Editors Note: Okay, I’m too old for this one, but hey, we Hondurans can do anything, why not come Learn to Sky Dive and Parachute out of a perfectly okay airplane come join us tourist :-) Visit the Schools Website for more information:



(504) 2557-1235 Ext.115
Ask for “Horizontes”, office located inside “Ferretería Todo Fácil”

4ta Ave. 15 Calle N.O. Sector Cervecería,

San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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