Looking for the “Best Dive” in Utila? How to find Skid Row!?  Is that even a legitimate question?  Just follow the shirts!  There is no easier place to find;  If you come to Utila, there is absolutely no way you will escape without passing the infamous Skid Row bar & restaurant.   Traveling across the Americas or the Caribbean ? It’s guaranteed you’ve seen the coveted ‘Guifiti Challenge’ tank tops.   What self respecting person could go on without one ?  Skid Row is more than just your typical rustic slat wood shack with longboard backed chairs, it’s an institution.  The “Best Dive on Utila” may be renowned for the never ending good times, but shockingly they have a winning kitchen too.  If you’re on Utila and some how manage to not go to Skid Row and not do the Guifiti challenge, just call yourself a travelling failure and go home, loser! Back to the comfort of your couch with your boring self – Don’t be that guy.  Yes,  it’s that much of a MUST DO.

Skid Row on the island of Utila gets more guests than the bar can hold.

Legendary Skid Row, on the island of Utila, gets more guests than the bar can hold.

What is the great Guifiti Skid Row Challenge, you ask?  200 Lempiras ($10usd), buys you 4 shots of Guifiti that you will painstakingly swallow whole while partaking in stupid human tricks ! Who doesn’t love stupid human tricks, while drinking !? If you are successful (and most are), you will have your choice of a Skid Row t-shirt in a wide variety of colors, with ever changing designs.  Go hard and collect them all! Wardrobe sorted.  Thousands have gone before you, there is no excuse to not earn your shirt.  “If you want your Skid Row t-shirt, you can’t buy them in shops! To get your Skid Row t-shirt, you have got to do shots! Lots and lots of shots!”  This brilliant (if not overly catchy) video says it all. Created by Skid Row bartender, the multi-talented Master Ginski, and his better man of every hour, Marty.  You might find yourself singing along by the end:

Want to be a one-upper and have FREE Guifiti for life !?  You can take it to the next level with a Skid Row tattoo.


By day, Skid Row is a chilled out meeting spot for locals to catch up on events,  shoot some pool, watch sports-ing on the flat screens, and eat some delicious food off the American / Tex Mex menu.   Surprisingly, both meat lover and crispy fresh vegetarian friendly;  I’m in love with the taco salad, the mega huge burrito, and it’s hands down the best pizza on island — they also deliver!  The full menu, including budget friendly pricing (ask about wicked daily specials) and contact info is all available online.

Not just delivery,  some mad man thought it would be a good idea to do a pick-up service as well.  If you’re lazy enough to not want to walk down the road, you’re in luck !  Just be sure to buy a drink or 5.  It’s just good manners.

Once the sun has set,  find where all the sexy people are at:  check the facebook page or just head down to watch the challenges, live bands, random made-up action packed fun of the day.  The traveling bartenders are highly creative people with stories to tell, who also kick-ass at taking care of their customers.

There's the Skid Row Challenge.  Then there's the Dive Master's Skid Row Challenge !

There’s the Skid Row Challenge. Then there’s the Dive Master’s Skid Row Challenge ! Surfacing to reach the word: EPIC

How this hovel-esque venue is still standing after so many visitors, and Ginski‘s birthday last weekend !? It can only be described as a Utilan miracle.   Thank Ryan, Skid Row’s fearless owner /leader, for holding the place together !  The bartenders are always having such a good time, it’s hard to tell who’s working.

Can you spot your favorite bartenders ?

Can you spot your favorite bartenders ? Photo Credit: Jenn Murray.

I first did the challenge in 2012, twice in fact.  I could go on and on and on about how much fun it was, and how I am still friends with the world travelers I met on that fateful trip.  I could tell you about the crazy costumes. The beautiful bods that go shirtless. The mom and daughter team that did some serious bonding over a challenge round (wait that doesn’t sound right)…  But first rule of Skid Row is:  Non-shirt owners don’t get to know more about Skid Row! You have to go there, son!

Skid Row Bar Utila - Bar and Restaurant in Utila

You’ll always run into someone you know at Skid Row!

Skid Row Bar Friends

So, where’s your shirt, bro ?!  The Guifiti isn’t getting any colder.

Call 9971-7332 or facebook SKID ROW for delivery or pick up.

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