Siguatepeque Honduras offers more than just a break on the road between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula


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Siguatepeque is a popular place to take a break from the drive between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. There are many nice restaurants, hotels, and a tourist center where you can pick up various souvenirs.

Founded by the Spanish in 1689 as a religious centre for retreats and monastic training, the population of the town grew through the intermarriage of colonists, the indigenous Lencas and the Mexican Nahuatl immigrants. The name means ‘town of beautiful women’ in the Nahuatl Mexican dialect, and many find it hard to disagree with this description. In 1861 the town became a municipality, and a city in 1926.

There is a road leading to Santa Barbara and the Mochito Silver Mines. After Mochito, continue towards Santa Barbara and you will come across the town of Colinas, which was settled by the Spanish. Due to its isolation, Colinas remains much like it was over 100 years ago, and is known for its “light” skinned population, called in Honduras slang, “Chele”.

Siguatepeque, located in the Central Mountains of Honduras (population 75,000) is always very green and colourful, and can accurately be described as a garden city. The region, is primarily dedicated to farm and forest enterprises. The National School of Forestry Science (ESNCIFOR) provides training for hundreds of students from all of Latin America. Building on its natural attractions and picturesque beauty.

At 1100 metres above sea level, it has a year round springtime feel. There are three seasons. During the wet and fairly cool season between May and November, enough rain falls in the area to ensure luxurious vegetation, while it escapes the excessive humidity of the far hotter and wetter lowland areas. A cooler interlude (November to February) provides seasonal contrast, with temperatures occasionally down to 8ºC (40oF) as cold fronts enter from the north. This is followed by a dry season (February to May), with temperatures achieving a pleasantly warm peak of 32ºC (95oF). Cool winds flow down from the local Calenterique forest and from the immense Cordillera Montecillos, a Biological Reserve on the southern edge of the valley. Even in the hot season air conditioning is unnecessary, with a fan almost always being enough. So when you visit, you will quickly notice the huge advantage of the climate, compared with the coastal areas and lower elevations.

The town has good shopping facilities, and the stores are filled with local and Central American products, as well as a wide variety of imported items. Due to the small size of the town centre, you will find the stores easy to visit on foot. You may be surprised to find that the variety, price and quality of articles on display easily rivals Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula.

Siguatepeque Hotels

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Pictures of Siguatepeque Honduras

Plaza San Pablo Siguatepeque Honduras

Plaza San Pablo Siguatepeque Honduras

Central Park in Siguatepeque Honduras

Central Park in Siguatepeque Honduras

Siguatepeque Honduras Flower Festival

Festival de las Flores in Siguatepeque (Festival of Flowers Siguatepeque Honduras 2013)

Siguatepeque Flower Festival Celbration

Siguatepeque a key resting place between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa

Souvenir Arts and Crafts for sale on the side of the road to Siguatepeque Honduras

Souvenir Arts and Crafts for sale on the side of the road to Siguatepeque Honduras

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