How to Send Money to Honduras

A major part of the economy of the Country of Honduras depends on what we call “Remesas” or just plain and simple “sending money to Honduras”. However this process has always been cumbersome as well as time consuming for both the person sending money or the one receiving money in Honduras.

Thanks to the Internet; the process of getting money to your loved ones in Honduras or paying Honduras bills online has been simplified tremendously. The various banks in Honduras all offer online access now. You can simply log into your account from anywhere in the world and transfer or ACH money to any other person or business in Honduras directly from your bank account to theirs. Some banks even allow you to wire transfer funds directly from your online account access. Most of the big banks around the world even have have “apps” for iPhone and Android smart phones that allow you to perform the money transfer right from your phone.

If the recipient of your funds transfer has an account at the same Honduras Bank you simply choose “transfer funds to third party” from the options on your online bank account. If however the one you wish to send money to has a bank account at one of the other Honduras Banks, you can use the ACH option. Transfers from bank account to another bank account within the same bank instant! Nice :-) Money transfers to and from your account to your loved one or business associate via ACH to Honduran banks may take up to 3 days but normally process within a day or two. ACH transfers in Honduras carry a minimal fee which in most cases is about 1 to 2 US dollars. If you are sending money to a recipient that does not have a Honduras bank account skip to here. Or skip to how to send a Gift Certificate to Honduras.

Another added benefit to sending money via your Honduras Bank account to another Honduras Bank account is that there is no worries about the exchange rate. Honduran Banks offer accounts in local Honduras currency “Lempira” as well as US Dollars or Euros. So if the person you want to send money to has an account in in the same currency there is no currency exchange rate to deal with. If however the recepient of the funds has an account but not in the same denomination you will be subject to the current Honduras Exchange rate.

Honduras Currency Exchange Rate

Honduras Currency Exchange Rate

You can pay your Honduras bills directly online from your bank online bank account access. All Honduras Banks, have free bill pay service that includes paying Water, Electric, Telephone, Tuition at various schools and Universities as well as to many registered businesses. IF you wish to pay your bill to a Honduran business that is not listed on your bank account online access; you may contact the organization and have them simply go register at the bank so that the option will be available in the future, This process can take up to two to 4 weeks depending on the bank policies as well as making sure all the paperwork is filled out accurately.

Now, if your recipient does not have a bank account as most Hondurans do not :-( Then either have them go open an account at the most convenient bank for “you” to use online access with. When they open the account have them request a debit card so they may then withdraw the funds directly from any ATM in Honduras. The process of opening a bank account is as simple as presenting a valid Honduras Identity card along with a verifiable address for which the latest bill form any utility company such as the ENEEE for electric bills or SANAA for water bills and Hondutel for telephone bills; showing the current address. Note, the bill presented must be the most current one issued, the bank will not accept bills that are photo copied or that are older than 1 month. Note some banks will not allow a person to open an account in US Dollars or EUROS unless the have verifiable solid references preferably with accounts at the same bank. So they may only open a Lempira account for them in which case you will be subject to the lempira exchange ratewhen you transfer your funds to their account.

Honduras Currency Converter

Honduras Currency Converter

Be sure that they get an ATM card to avoid having to go into the bank and stand in line forever as evey bank in Honduras no matter how simple the transaction is takes “forever” to hand over cash. The teller counts the money at least 3 times as well as then recounts it on a calculator with a printer. If “anything” does not work the first time they start the entire process all over again. Lines at Honduras banks are horrendous. Get an ATM card but note there is a 4,000 lempira limit on ATM withdrawals on any given day. This currently is in effect for all Honduran banks. It was a rule implemented in December of 2011 due to the high crime rate being experienced in major cities like Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. Although some banks have eased up on this rule, the majority have the limit in place unless their customers request it be lifted. A very helpful Honduras tip about the ATM withdrawal limit is that Banco Atlantida resets their processing date at 2:00 PM local time so if you with draw 4,000 lempiras in the morning and then go back to the ATM machine after 2:00 PM you can manage to withdraw up to 8,000 Lempiras on the same day thus keeping your ATM withdrawal rate with the least risk to crime.

Okay so now, your recipient has no Honduras bank account, now what do you do?

Well you have very reliable options, you can use XOOM which is a service that charges you a slight fee and the transfer can be picked up in most Honduras Banks by your loved one or business associate. With XOOM you must sign up and provide your banking information so that the funds can be withdrawn from your account and sent on to your recipient. You may also provide XOOM with either a credit card or Debit card to withdraw your funds. This service is used by thousands of Hondurans in rural areas as well as many large cities like San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba.

Transfer Money to Honduras

Transfer Money to Honduras Instantly

Alternatively you can send funds via Wire transfer to Honduras from anywhere in the world by following the Wire Transfer instructions on our Honduras Banks page which includes all of the SWIFT codes etc needed in order to complete a successful Wire transfer to Honduras.

Send a Gift Certificate to Honduras

Send a Gift Certificate to Honduras

One option you may want to consider is Sending a Gift Certificate to Honduras by using services such Amazon if the recipient has a need for the many thousands of products offered by Amazon. This would enable them to go online at home, school, office or any Internet cafe and order what they wish from Amazon and have it delivered through GBOX a service offered using FedEX which can deliver the goods ordered within 3 days to a week on average. So if you are actually sending a gift, this is a good way to get them what them wish to have or need.

Paypal Honduras is becoming more and more popular and anyone in Honduras can have a Paypal account providing they have a valid Honduras Bank account or a valid Honduras Credit Card Please note that Honduras Debit Cards do not qualify. The funds sent to a Paypal account will be credited directly to the recipients credit card bill. This is actually a great way to pay your Honduras Credit Card bill as well as send money that the recipient can either use or withdraw with their own credit card on file with Paypal.

Honduras Credit Cards

Honduras Credit Cards

MoneyGram and Western Union have been around for a long time, the disadvantage to using these services is clearly their rates are just too high, but if need be Western Union will give you a ten-digit reference number, which you then can then pass along to person you are sending the cash to and they must present an ID card at any of the many Money Gram and Western Union agents in Honduras, please note the name of the recipient must be an EXACT match to their legal ID or the funds will not be disbursed.
If you have too many bills and need to get cash fast in order to send money to Honduras, you can check out the various tips on these sites.
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    Thanks for the excellent article!

    I just purchased a home in Honduras and am looking for some advice. I need to make monthly transfers of USD from my US bank to my USD account with Banco Ficohsa to make the mortgage payments, but I haven’t found an easy way to do that.

    Obviously I don’t want to have to do a wire transfer every month. Too expensive and very inconvenient. Any help or suggestions anyone has would be supremely appreciated!


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