Utila Dive Festival - Utila, Honduras 2012

Utila is world renowned for its stunning reefs, diverse fish life, and the infamous whale shark.  For years divers have flocked to this tiny island in search of sun, relaxation, and of course, diving.  With 12 dive operators in a town of less than 5,000 residents, there is a place for every visitor.   Old, young, beginner, advanced, diver, snorkeler, sun worshipper or bar fly this tiny island of Honduras is home to everyone who enters.  Just ask the person sitting next to you how long they have been here.  Most likely you will hear something along the lines of  “I came for 2 weeks and have been here for (fill in the blank) years.”

Now, through the efforts of many people who have made Utila their home over these years,  the island offers the world an invitation to come and see for themselves what attracts people to Utila, and keeps them here.  A mix of underwater and topside activities will take place during the week long event.  Sponsored by large international companies and small local businesses, the Utila Dive Festival offers a pass to the schedule of events, entrance to many drawings, and potential for winning dive gear, cameras, and even a week stay at a 5 star resort.  To register for this Passport click here or ask your dive center upon arrival to the island.

Utila-Dive-Festival-Aug-2012Every dive shop will be participating in this monumental event. Both old acquaintances and new friends will start off the beginning to a long tradition in this small diving community. Come and join us!

Several Local Businesses on Utila are offering a variety of special rates and offers for the week.  Check here for current deals.

The first annual Utila Dive Festival 2012 will be held from August 18th-25th.  Hope to see you on the streets!


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