Utila Dive Festival 2012

In a few short days, the first annual Utila Dive Festival will kick off in the streets of Utila.  (Well, make that street).   The buzz is already circulating on the island about the Utila Dive Festival.  After a week of recovering from SunJam, Utila is ready for another party! The Utila Dive Festival 2012 is a week all about a taste of diving, and a taste of Utila.

The planners of this week long event have created a schedule of events.  Take a look and decide which ones are on your list of things to do in Utila this week.  Several activities are scheduled more than once, so you should have the opportunity to participate in everything you want to do.  Try all the different types of diving.  Take advantage of all the free diving, re-breathing, side mount wearing gurus that are here and available to you all in one place.

Here is a sample itinerary for the week … adjust as needed.

Utila Dive Festival

See amazing seascapes at the Utila Dive Festival!

Saturday:   Opening ceremony at Chepes Beach.   Be there.  The festival coordinators will all be present to explain the events for the week and how the prizes will be won and distrubuted.  They will also surely be some cervezas.

Sunday:   Sunrise dive hosted by Paradise Divers.  If you have never been on a dive this early in the morning, and did not have too many beers at the welcoming party, this might be the perfect chance to check it out.  You will witness the opposite of a night dive.  The night time creatures will hide and the daytime creatures will burst out of their mucous cocoons and hiding spots to begin their day of cruising and protecting the reefs.

Keep your wetsuit on.  All dive shops will be offering a Peak Performance Buoyancy dive to their clients.  It never gets old trying to squeeze through pvc hoops and underwater limbo contests!

Take a nap.

Volleyball competition at Underwater Vision.  Participate or cheer on friends.

End the day and start the evening with a traditional Pub Quiz at the Bar-a-cuda.  Pick your team members wisely!

Monday:  Deep Dive.  Most dive centers will try to get to Utila’s infamous North Side.

Tour the Hyperbaric Chamber.  If you have never seen one, it is a great opportunity to see and ask questions.

Check out Utila’s Cinema for the Fish ID Presentation on the big screen.  Fun facts guaranteed to teach you something you never knew before.

Head to Tranquila Bar and Parrots Dive Center for Casino Night.  No minimum, no maximum.

Tuesday:  If you missed the sunrise dive Sunday, now is your chance to make up for it.  Continue on with the  Fish ID dive to show off your skills from last night’s presentation.

Try out Tech Diving at Utila Dive Centre or Coral View.  If you have always wanted to try it, or just don’t understand the hype, it is a great opportunity to find out why!

Dinner tonight is tapas/bocas/snacks whatever you call them.  Many restaurants will be serving tasters of their menus all in one place.

Wednesday:  Take a break from scuba diving and check out free diving. Static Apnea will host a morning to teach a segment from the Basic Freediving course. Learn to go deep without a tank!

Night dive!  All shops all participants.   Keep your lights off for more than five minutes and look for the strings of pearls.

Finish off the day with some amazing vocalists (i.e. you) at Karaoke Night hosted by the Utila Lodge.  Bring a camera — with video.

Thursday:  Treasure Hunt.  Find out what your dive center is looking for.  Search.

Scuba Olympics at Captian Morgans.  In honor of the games, the Scuba version will be … interesting?

Be sure to hit the Jade Seahorse for the Photo Contest Display.  In addition, you will be privy to glimpse some amazing art that rivals Gaudi.

Friday:  Underwater Cleanup.  Time to give back and help support not only Utila, but the environment!  All dive shops and all participants.  Might even find some lemps under there!

Take advantage of the techies if you have not already done so.

Closing Ceremony.  The week has come full circle.  Return to Chepes a little older, a little wiser, and ready for a party!

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Utila Dive Festival 2012

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