Where to Stay on a Scuba Diving Vacation

Whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, or as a family, taking a scuba diving vacation is a good way to incorporate activity into your holiday. It may seem daunting to choose where to stay with so many choices.  The best thing to do is make a list and decide what you, and what each of the travelers, would like to experience.  Relaxation?  Adventure?  Culture?  Choose your accommodation accordingly.  The Bay Islands offer many choices that will suit everyone’s needs.


Resorts are a great way to relax and enjoy your vacation. Diving is usually on a schedule, and you’ll be diving from a boat. Most scuba diving resorts will offer a two tank dive in the morning, a one tank dive in the afternoon, optional shore diving, and scheduled night dives twice a week. A resort atmosphere will allow everyone to dive as much or as little as each person wants. There is always a buddy available (divemaster or fellow vacationer) and other amentites on site such as a pool, games, and common area for those that are casual divers.  Food is inclusive so no need to worry about where and when to eat.  Just show up and chow down.  Many are on a private beach with limited access to a town, which adds to the sense of removal and relaxation.

Where to stay on your scuba diving vacation

Parrot Tree Resort


The number of hotels are endless.  They come in all sizes and budgets.  From backpacker rooms at $3 per night to all-inclusive rooms at $250 per night everyone will find their perfect place.  When checking out rooms be sure to find out where the building is in relation to the shore and town.  Make a list of what is important to you in your stay.  Do you want to be close to the beach?   Do you need to be within walking distance to town, dive shop, etc.?  Will you be renting a car, golf cart, moped or taking taxis?  Usually the simpler, the better.  For your scuba diving vacation, locate a hotel with good reviews that is within walking distance to your dive shop or ask which dive shop your accommodation recommends.

Check amenities such as hot water, air conditioning, and fans.  A high priced hotel will have these automatically, but the more moderately priced hotels will usually have several pricing options depending on amenities included.  Budget hotels will also have options of a shared room (dormitory) and shared bath for a rock bottom price.  Food will most likely be eaten at restaurants close by.  It is fun to go to a different restaurant each night and see the local flavor of the island.  Some will be great and some not so great but the adventure is always interesting!


Renting a house is a great way to feel at home.  You can add a whole new dimension to scuba diving vacation when you consider all the travel options. There are local property management companies on each island.  From studios to multi-family homes, you can find the perfect fit. Homes offer the added amenity of a kitchen.  This lets you go grocery shopping and make your own food in addition to the option of eating out.  If you would like to be further away from the hustle and bustle of town, yet not be afflicted with the problem of eating out every meal, renting your own home is a great alternative.  Private diving services are also available for those that wish to have a more intimate diving experience with their own group.  Before taking your next scuba diving vacation, check with a property manager for unique options.

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