Roatan's Best Dive Sites



Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, is a well known divers paradise. With over 150 named dive sites, and several more un-named, there is no lack of reef to explore. Although you could spend weeks diving a new area each day, some sites are returned to time and time again. Some for the stunning reef, abundance of fish, or the best topography around the island. The following are Roatan’s Best Dive Sites.

Mary’s Place: Located on the South Side of Roatan, this is a spectacular reef inhabited by all the favorite fish. Not only are the soft and hard corals abundant, but the reef itself is interesting mix of channels and nooks and crannies.

Cara a Cara–the Shark Dive. This is a must-do for divers seeking the thrill of seeing sharks underwater.  A professional shark diver team member leads divers to a large area where they are instructed to kneel quietly in the sand. Here the fish are already waiting, they know the drill. Among the schooling fish and perhaps a moray or two are the stars of the show–the Caribbean reef sharks!

Calvin’s Crack: Entering said Crack throught a small opening in the top of the reef, divers descend head first in the long, narrow fissure. In single file, head toward the blue light at the end of the tunnel. As you exit the channel you will look out over an amazing steep and deep wall. Find Calvin’s friends cracks as you move along the wall!

El Aguila: The Eagle is one of several wreck’s Roatan has to offer. El Aguila was purposely sunk in 100 feet of water in 1997. Now split into 3 sections by a hurricane, this boat, like most good wrecks, is home to many large grouper and smiling green morays. With only 20 minutes of bottom time on an air tank, this site is a favorite and must do for wreck junkies and rec divers the same.

Spooky Channel: Start this dive in the murky lagoon of Sandy Bay. Work your way out of the tanic waters though the hole to the spectacular drop off. Head toward the mouth of the channel. The amazing scenery here takes precedence over any fish life!

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