PADI Certification in Honduras

The north coast of Honduras is home to the Bay Islands and the Meso-American reef. This combination is the perfect setting for some of the best diving in the world. These islands are well known in the diving community for their reefs and visibility. The warm Caribbean water and topside attractions make Honduras the ideal place for a diving holiday and continuing your diving education.

The islands are home to over 40 dive shops and resorts; the majority provide PADI certifications. Many divers traveling to Honduras are already certified. These divers may have 4 or 400 dives under their belts. PADI dive shops offer a myriad of continuing diver education. These include, but are not limited to, advanced courses, specialty courses, enriched air, and tecrec courses. Interested in photography, why not take a specialty course in digital photography and videography? Would you like to breathe more oxygen underwater? Check out the PADI Enriched Air course. Thinking of entering the diving industry? Better take a month or more to get your PADI Divemaster rating. With over 20 courses offered, your PADI dive center of choice has plenty to offer.

For those just starting in the diving world, the Open Water Certification is an excellent way to spend 3 days underwater. The course will take your take you through the concepts and practicalities of breathing underwater and leave you with the ability to dive with a buddy. If this course is not in your time budget, check out the Discover Scuba course. Not a full certification, this mini-course allows you to experience diving with an instructor, without all of the study and course work. It will leave you with a taste of diving that will most likely lead to more later in life!

Whether you are an experienced diving guru, or just curious about the underwater world, expand your knowledge by learning more. Certification leads to more confident and careful divers. Take your it to the next level on your next vacation to the Bay Islands of Honduras!

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