My Honduras Diving Adventure: Part II

Leaving Chicago was blissful.  As our plane rose over the white city, John and I breathed a sigh of relief as we left our hectic lives on our adventure to the turquoise waters of Utila, Honduras.  Landing on the tarmac in San Pedro Sula, we exited the plane, waited through customs, gathered our luggage and checked into our island hopper flight scheduled to leave an hour later.  Which really turned out to be 2 and a half hours later.  Thus our first experience with flexibility of time, so often expressed in Latin America.

Utila's Round House

Utila’s Round House

Forty minutes after boarding a small island hopper,  we descended over the Caribbean Sea to the runway of Utila.  Lush, green foliage covered the island.  The sun was shining.  We were sweating.  But a good sweat.  The kind you want to run and jump into the ocean to cool off kind of sweat.  Which is exactly what we did after our 20 minute golf cart ride to our new home for the week.  Well we sort of stumbled into the water and waded to a deeper place since the water right off the house was so shallow.  The Round House was right on the water with the coral reef less than 20 yards away!  We couldn’t wait to get on our new masks and snorkels and check it out.

We donned our gear and brought out the underwater camera.  This is what we saw!

My Honduras Diving Adventure

Then our masks started fogging up.  So we headed in for showers and dinner plans.  The caretaker Angel, suggested Driftwood Cafe, which was a short walk or ride toward town.

We ended up eating there frequently due to proximity and great food.  My personal favorite was the Big Ole Pork Chop.  A ‘must have’ if dining at the “Drift”.  A few Salva Vidas later we crashed out.  Next on the list: Diving.

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