My Honduras Diving Adventure

I live in the Midwest.  After the first snowstorm in December, I decided to book a trip south for some sun and fun.  My neighbor had just returned from a scuba diving trip to Roatan, Honduras and showed me the photos one afternoon after we both had shoveled our driveways for the second time that day.  I was hooked.  I decided I was going to learn to dive.

Honduras Diving Adventure in the Bay Islands

Bay Islands off the Northern Coast of Honduras

Later that night I began my research focusing on the Caribbean.  Honduras seemed as good a place as any for an escape.  I discovered Honduras has several islands besides Roatan that are world renowned for diving.  Other dive destinations included Utila, Guanaja, and Cayos Cochinos.  I chose Utila.  It seemed to have the right mix of laid back atmosphere and nightlife I felt would fit me, and my friend John who at this point I had convinced to join me after another news report of continued snowfall that week.

United Airlines has direct flights from Chicago, so I booked my ticket to San Pedro Sula (relatively cheaply I might add at $400 r/t!).   Found what I imagined to be the perfect beach house on The Round House.  Owner Sue emailed back and forth for a few days and recommended contacting Coral View Dive Center for diving since it was across the street.  Within 2 days I had planned my winter escape!  What next?

Short Diving in Utila

Soon to be me!

After chatting with dive shop manager Sarah, John and I decided to take the PADI online course before heading down. This, she explained, would save us some hours sitting in a classroom while on our holiday in paradise.  So we watched videos online, took four quizzes and an exam, and learned the basic principles behind the science of diving; and we were ready for the next step in our Caribbean adventure!

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