My Honduras Diving Adventure: Part V

So I had one dive under my belt.  Bring it on.

My Honduras Diving Adventure

My first seahorse!

The rest of my Open Water Diving Course was a breeze.

After my initial hesitation, I was ready to conquer the final three dives, and get my picture taken for my graduation to Certified Diver.

Thankfully, Chris, our instructor, had drilled all of the skills needed to complete the course into our heads during our Confined Water sessions in the pool.  Completing them in Open Water, albeit deeper, was easier.  We visited three different dive sites around Utila.  Each offered a new scene and new critters.  Some of my favorites included the spotted drum, moray eel, and a seahorse!  We were informed that not too many people get to see a seahorse on their training dives.

One afternoon later, we celebrated with the local Salva Vida, to thank our trusted instructor (and now friend) Chris, for all of his efforts in making us competent and worthy divers.  Next: Diving without an instructor!

Literally Life Saver!

Literally Life Saver!

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