My Honduras Diving Adventure: Part III

Morning came quickly and the Caribbean sun woke me gradually.  Yet it was 6 am.  Normally I would roll over and hide, but today we were going to DIVE.  Or learn to dive anyways.  After a quick breakfast at our Round House, we walked the 2 minutes to Coral View Dive Center to meet our instructor, Chris.

Chris is from Belgium and has been living on Utila for years he says.   Paperwork done we move to the equipment room to check out our new digs.  BCD’s, regs, masks, and fins were our new lingo.  Our first morning we would be in the “pool”, or confined water.  Here is our pool!

My Honduras Diving Adventure


There was a bit of apprehension on my part, I must admit.  I did feel  little clausterphobic.  Chris talked me through it patiently, while John took to it like a fish.

By the end of the session we were able to remove our masks and clear them underwater as well as all of our gear.  We learned our masks were fogging because we did not properly remove the film that comes with a brand new store bought mask.  A little toothpaste cleared it all right up and I could see for yards and meters (for the metric) all the way across the ocean pool.  We were to report back for our afternoon OCEAN DIVE.  Already?!!

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