How to Scuba Dive

Scuba Diving Made Simple

If you don’t know how to scuba dive, are uncertain of scuba diving, have a short time for vacation, or just want to check out what it is like to dive, you should take a Try DiveDiscover Scuba, or Resort course (same concept, different names).

This is a great way to get the experience of scuba diving without the paperwork, tests, and knowledge overload that come from the classes you’d receive during scuba diving certification.  A certified instructor will teach you how to scuba dive by giving you a brief overview of the scuba equipment, how to breathe, a few signals, and then take you into the water to check out the fish and reef firsthand.

Many times the scuba instructor will hold your hand, or guide you over a sandy bottom to make sure you that are not damaging the reef or your body.  You do not go below 40ft/12m, and can stay as shallow as you feel comfortable.   Even if you dive to 6ft/2m, this simple scuba instruction will ensure you have an amazing diving experience.

Learning how to scuba dive in this way enables you to earn credit towards an Open Water course, or can be repeated indefinitely under the direct supervision of a qualified diving instructor.

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