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Guanaja Resorts

Guanaja island is mountainous with very few roads.  Therefore boats are the preferred method of transportation.  Several small settlements exist around the island with the largest being Bonacca, a cay off the south shore and the first settlement in the area.  A pristine reef surrounds the island and many new resorts are have popped up in addition to a few old favorites. The friendly locals welcome you to their small cay town of Bonacca.  Although there are not many hotels on the cay, it should be a stop, or day trip, on your tour around this magnificent island.

Guanaja Hotels and Resorts 
The Villa at Dunbar Rock and Nautilus Dive Resort

Located on the South Side in Sandy Bay, Nautilus Dive Resort is the oldest operating dive resort on the island. It sleeps up to 16 guests. More recently the owner’s have built a phenomenal addition to the resort on a private cay across the bay called the Villa at Dunbar Rock. Serviced by the Nautilus Dive Shop, the Villa boasts amazing views from it’s home in the water of the mountainous island in the background. There are 4 guests suites at the Villa. Those with a small group, or individuals traveling solo, will enjoy the serenity of the villa. Dive packages include 3 boat dives per day with one night dive offered weather permitting.  Fresh seafood is a staple of the all inclusive meals.  The onsite manager, Denis, will do his best to accommodate any request.



G & G ‘s Clearwater Paradise

Located on the North Side of the large island near Mangrove Bight, Clearwater Paradise is an amazing boutique resort. Owners George and Ginger go out of their way to make your stay as memorable as possible. The food is top notch and varied for being in such a remote place. George is a seasoned divemaster and instructor who knows the reefs well and will personally take you on underwater tours if you are already certified, or provide one on one instruction if you are not.  This is not a cattle boat. George takes care of his divers and their gear so sit back and relax!




Bo’s Island House

Bo is a local islander and has been in business for over 20 years.  This North Side resort, near Michael’s Rock, is basic with no television or air-conditioning, so if you are in need of these then search elsewhere.  Bo and his family offer a homey place and can provide a true island experience with outstanding service.  Bo himself will take you diving on the small dive boat, while his wife and daughters prepare your meals.   The Island House accommodates up to 12 people in the main house and two guests houses.


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