Diving the Caribbean Islands

There are many fantastic diving spots to experience and amazing aquatic life to witness in the stunning waters of the Caribbean. There are many untouched reefs surrounding the islands, and are among the best reefs in the world.  Holidays to the islands are a cost effective way to experience the tropics and scuba diving adventures never to be forgotten.

Map of the Caribbean Islands

Map of the Caribbean Islands available to Diving Enthusiasts

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is currently the largest recreational diving organization in the world, regulating the quality of dive instructors.  PADI has many schools with certified instructors on nearly every island in the Caribbean.  The full ranges of courses are offered on the islands of Utila and Roatan, part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. As part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, these two Honduras islands offer access to some of the best diving in the world.   The largest barrier reef is Down Under, but the cost of a holiday to Australia, is much different than a holiday in the tropics of a mostly underdeveloped Caribbean. Both Utila and Roatan have a reputation for providing excellent certified PADI instructors.  All levels of dive instruction can be obtained.  It only depends on how far you wish to take your new hobby, or career!  Although there are more islands in the Caribbean, these two offer great marine life, pristine reefs, and the ever elusive whale shark.

Diving the Coral Reef in the Caribbean Island of Utila Honduras

Diving the Coral Reef on the Caribbean Island of Utila Honduras
Caribbean Underwater Science Dives Deep into Coral Reef Research
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The islands of Roatan and Utila are both relatively undeveloped. Utila is the less developed and the slightly cheaper of the two and has a high tourism activity devoted to diving.  In addition to scuba, Roatan offers resort and cruise ship activities including glass bottom boat tours, zip lining, and go karts. Both are an island paradise and preference depends on the individual as there are no limits with the dive schools in either location. Dive sites to consider while in Roatan are Odyssey, Julian’s Wall, Shipwreck, Keyhole, Mongoose, Labyrinth, and Dolphins Den.  In Utila try Spotted Bay, West End, CJs Drop off, Blackish Point, Joshua’s Swash, Great Wall, and Black Hills.

The adventure potential on either island is second to none.  A new hobby (to keep you out of trouble for years to come), new experiences, and new friends are easily obtained along with a very low price tag.  You can expect to become a certified Divemaster with accommodation attached for around 600 dollars.  Good deals are abundant everywhere.  Jump in with both feet!  Take a Caribbean Diving Vacation and check out some of our recommended places to stay on your next Diving Holiday.

Caribbean Scuba Diving in the Bay Islands

You’ll love what you see as you experience Caribbean scuba diving in the Bay Islands

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