Diving in a Submarine

Roatan hosts one of the most unique experiences one can have of the underwater world.  A submarine dive.  Owner and Captain Karl Stanley takes tourists from all over the world diving into the deep.  It is surreal.Submarine Diving in Roatan

As the submarine lowers into the water your heart already starts pounding as images of 2001 enter your head.  Slowly, the reef you see snorkeling and diving turns from bright and colorful to dark and mysterious as the feet and meters drift by.  Hitting the 1000 foot mark is incredulous.  The submarine spotlights strange and unusual corals and creatures.  Something out of National Geographic.

Captain Stanley maneuvers his submarine effortlessly as he has delved into these waters many times in the past 10 years.  He has caught some amazing footage of new and unnamed critters over the years which can be seen on youtube (of course).

If you are in the vicinity of Roatan, either diving, relaxing, or cruising on a ship, investing in a submarine trip is well worth the initial claustrophobia as it melts away into a heart pounding, mind opening experience of a lifetime.

For more information check the website here.

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