Diving Honduras

Diving Honduras can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Located in Central America, Honduras is historically known as the banana republic.  The Mainland landscape is lush and mountainous, with rolling hills and valleys littered with bananas, pineapple, and African palm oil farms throughout the country.  Honduras boasts two coasts. The northern coast borders the Caribbean Sea, while the southwest department of Choluteca touches the Gulf of Fonseca which opens into the Pacific Ocean.

Central America Map

For those of you wish to know where Honduras is located; this Central America Map shows Honduras is located in the very “center” of the Americas.

Honduras Scuba Diving: Where to Go

When “diving Honduras” is mentioned to most Scuba professionals in the industry, the first place that comes to mind are the Bay Islands of Honduras. This archipelago consists of several small islands located 20 miles off the north coast of the country in the Caribbean Sea.  They offer opportunities to dive that are competitive with some of the best sites in the world. Three great islands to consider for diving in Honduras are Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja. Each Honduras Island offers a very different experience and each has its own unique characteristics.

Diving Certification

Getting certified as an Open Water Diver, the basic introductory course, is readily available on all islands.  If you are already certified, you can increase your diving status by taking another course, or working all the way up to a PADI Instructor (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).  The numerous PADI dive centers offer training on each of these islands. The dive shops provide cost effective training and are visited by many scuba diving enthusiasts from all over the world.  While diving the sites of Honduras, you might encounter barracudas, sea turtles, lobster,  jawfish, octopus, lionfish, huge whale sharks, stingrays,  sea fans, sponges and much more.

Smiling Whale Shark off the coast of Roatan

Smiling Whale Shark off the coast of Roatan, Honduras

Diving Honduras Bay Islands

The island of Roatan is home to fascinating aquatic life, not to mention the second largest barrier reef in the world. Here you can get certified as a dive instructor or just enjoy a new underwater experience on fun dives. Resorts are plentiful and cater to a variety of vacationers.  Whether you are on a honeymoon, traveling with children, or as a large group, there is a resort for you.  Some of the best dive sites in Roatan are Odyssey, Julian’s Wall, Shipwreck, Keyhole, Mongoose, Labyrinth, Dolphin’s Den and more.

Utila is to the west of Roatan and tends to be slightly cheaper, catering to the plethora of backpackers who inundate the island.   It is has a completely different lifestyle, void of large resorts, that suits the casual traveller and scuba diver student. Must see dive sites in Utila are Spotted Bay, Duppy Waters,  CJs Dropoff, Blackish Point, Joshua’s Swash, Great Wall, and Black Hills.  Your dive shop in Utila as well as world class resorts offers over 100 potential dive sites keeping your diving Honduras interesting.

Guanaja is located to the east of Roatan and is 28 miles off the coast of Honduras’ mainland. The least populated of the three largest islands, Guanaja offers excellent options for underwater exploration.  Tourism on the island is less intense than the other two islands with a few resorts focused on diving.  Small and friendly hotels will offer personal service, catering to your diving and fishing needs.

The Honduras Bay Islands

The Honduras Bay Islands

Cayos Cochinos are located south of the three main islands and are the least populated.  A small fisherman village, Chachahuate, is a Garifuna outpost with no electricity or running water.  Spend a morning snorkeling or diving the pristine reefs and have a lunch consisting of fresh fish, beans and rice, and plantains.  Sip on a ice cold cerveza while watching the waves lap on shore.  This venture can be a day trip from one of the larger islands or there is one rustic resort to house you for the night or a week.

Diving Off Honduras’ Mainland

Although the Bay Islands are the most popular, there are other diving and snorkelling opportunities along the northern coast.  Patches of reef run parallel to the shoreline and can be accessed via Tela, Punta Sal National Park, La Ceiba, Trujillo, and La Moskitia.  Dive shops are limited and may be difficult to find, but snorkelling is readily available.   These locations are frequently dived by the lobster fishermen.  They may be able to give more information once you are there.

The Golfo de Fonseca on the Pacific side is also traditionally known as a fisherman diving zone.  Perhaps in the future these will be more accessible to tourists as currently there is a negotiation going on between the countries of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador over the recent ruling of the International Court at the Hague informing the tri-nations to permanently establish the delineation of the sovereign borders of the Gulf of Fonseca belonging to each country.

In the meantime, Honduras has some of the best valued diving packages in the world. You can take your diving career as far as you like with packages certify you as a Rescue Diver, Master Diver, Instructor or Divemaster for no more than 500 dollars. This includes accommodation. Not a bad deal and a great inclusion to your resume for a small cost.  Not to mention the fantastic experiences to be gained by spending time both underwater and topside on one of the Bay Islands. Traveling Honduras is a great way to take a break from your routine and receive an experience of a lifetime.  Many scuba diving vacation packages offer land excursions as well.

Honduras' Gulf of Fonseca is great for diving

Honduras’ Gulf of Fonseca is Great for Diving

In fact, if you’re traveling with non-divers, Honduras has much to offer.  With popular mountainsriverslakes, oceans, and Mayan ruins, there is a burgeoning tourism industry.  With a vast array of things to do; such as  Hiking – TreckingKayakingwhite-water rafting, zip liningKiteboardingfishingbird watching, in addition to scuba diving, which are offered around the country.  Many travellers choose to visit a few locations, experiencing Honduras in its entirety.

So what are you waiting for? Use our Honduras Travel Guide and plan your next Diving Holiday in Honduras. Use Honduras.com as a guide to the country to stay and learn about Honduras and how to travel to Honduras from any part of the world along with your various options for getting around and staying  informed on current news and tourist advice before, during and after your diving vacation.

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