Diving Honduras in 2013

diving certification in Honduras

Diving Certification in Honduras

Diving Honduras is an unforgettable experience.  Part of the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Bay Islands offer a unique topside experience as well as a divers paradise underwater.  This is why many dive groups, clubs, and communities are heading to Honduras this year.

PADI Diving Society is heading to Roatan February 16-23, 2013.  The Society’s team will lead the group in a whirlwind week of diving, zip lining  and dolphin schmoozing at Anthony’s Key Resort.  In addition to the diving routine, PADI Diving Society will reveal special guests, offer seminars, contests, parties and prizes throughout the week, and free gifts for all attendees.
The second annual Utila Dive Festival will be held June 22-28, 2013.  Last year’s opening festival was a huge hit and the organizers are armed and ready for an even bigger event this year.  Head to the smallest Bay Island of Utila for a week of special diving events.  All 15 dive shops and resorts unite in hosting travelers from all over the world.  Purchase a Festival Passport to make the most of your time in Utila.  Try Tec diving, Freediving, snorkeling, dawn dives, Peak Performance Buoyancy, and a host of other dive-related activities.   Après dive enjoy casino night, karaoke, pub quizzing, and a special whale shark presentation with new friends.  Discover why so many choose to visit Utila.
Led by legendary fish identifiers, Ned and Anna DeLoach, (of the Caribbean Fish guides) REEF.org will travel to Deep Blue Resort in Utila July 20-27,2013.  Join in counting and identifying over 300 species of reef fish and perhaps find a new species all together.  Remember to bring your Caribbean Fish bible!
Kids Sea Camp and its founder, Margo Peyton, will host families from around the world at Laguna Beach Resort, in Utila, Honduras, this year for two weeks.  During the weeks of August 3-10 and August 10-17,2013 kids from around the world will have the opportunity to explore the reefs of Honduras for the adventure of a lifetime.
A new luxury liveaboard will debut in the Bay Islands in 2013.  Honduran owned  M/V Caribbean Pearl II offers dive charters in addition to other ocean bound activities.  Contact the company   to join a trip or to inquire about private group charters and dive anywhere in the waters of the Bay Islands from Cayos Cochinos to the Swan Islands.  Book the whole yacht and choose your own itinerary!  There is no better way to travel the Caribbean.
Each of the Bay Islands of Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila, are offering multiple Lionfish Derby competitions throughout the year.  If you happen to be in town for one of these events, check out your local dive shop for more info on how to legally spear lionfish.  Lionfish have been identified as an invasive species throughout the Caribbean and several locations promote the ability to spear them by having island wide contests in which all dive shops compete for bringing in the most.  Volunteers fillet each and every fish which are then given to several local chefs for a spectacular feast in which all participants and members of the community join in celebrating a Lionfish free reef.
In 2013, the fate of the lobster fisheries will be established.  Beginning in 2011, there was  a two year ban on purchasing  lobsters from Honduras by the Lobster Symposium.  This year, the government of Honduras will establish a transitional diving plan for the Association of Active Divers in the Moskitia in hopes for a safer environment for divers and lobsters alike.
Overall, 2013 will be a significant year for the reefs of the Bay Islands and those floating among them!
As the 2013 year comes to a close, here is what yu can look forward to to while Diving Honduras in 2014

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