Diving Honduras

The New Year brings new and recycled events to the underwater realm in Honduras.  Although the popular Bay Islands have most of the glory, the Northern Coast of the mainland has dive operations in Tela, Sambo Creek, and La Moskitia as well.

Underwater 2014

Diving in Honduras – Underwater 2014

Backscatter.com is hosting a photo event at CocoView resort in Roatan from January 11-18.  Jim Decker the CEO is leading the trip himself so the underwater photography instruction will be superb.  Check out their website for more info and to browse Jim’s phenomenal portfolio,.  

ocean festival

Utila Ocean Festival

Kids Sea Camp will host several events in the Bay Islands this year.  June 1-7 at Roatan’s Parrot Tree Plantation, June 14-21 at Utila’s Laguna Beach Resort, and June 21-28 aboard the Caribbean Pearl II luxury liveaboard based in the Bay Islands.

Each island will host several Lionfish Derby events where dive shops compete for the most, biggest, and smallest lionfish caught.  The catch of the day is dispersed among island chefs to be tasted by the community at large.  Honduras.com will post these events as they are advertised.

The third annual Utila Dive Festival will be held June 22-27 on the smallest of the Bay Islands.  Join the growing number of people flocking to this event each year  http://utiladivefestival.com/.

Be sure to check out Tela Diving if you are on the North Coast.  The reef has been named one of the healthiest in the Caribbean by several organizations including the Coral Reef Alliance.  Phenomenal!

The Coral Reef Alliance hosted their first Ocean Festival in Utila this year.  Next years date have not been set but look for an update soon.  Activities include Ocean Education for local children, Arts and Crafts, and a beach clean up.  All non-profit organizations based in Utila have combined effort for this Festival to be an educational success.  Check the Utila Environmental News and Roatan Marine Park  for updates on all environmental activities in 2014!

Enjoy Scuba Diving in Honduras

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