The courses are cheap and you tend to dive daily while learning the ropes of the dive business in hopes of using this skill in many other places around the world.  If you are already a dive professional, Utila is certainly on the list of places to visit and work.

The divemaster course is usually conducted as an internship.  In general it will take no less than 1 month to complete.  Most finish within 2 or 3 months and there are some who have been known to take 6 months or more!  It depends on your level of interest and the shop you choose to work with.

Book training covers 12 topics including:   the physics of diving, physiology, equipment, and standards and procedures.  You will be required to read several books and attend several knowledge development classes as well as independent study.  Exams will be taken on each segment.

From greeting potential customers, selling courses, loading tanks, preparing equipment, assisting instructors , leading fun divers, and taking care of the boat including briefings , loading oxygen, and water a properly trained divemaster should graduate their course with a complete understanding of the dive industry and should be employable anywhere in the world.  This is the goal of the course and what one should strive to attain.  Or to get in as many dives as you possibly can in a short amount of time!

But the water work is where the divemaster in training learns the trade.  Assisting instructors with students is a requirement but if your plan is to become an instructor yourself the more assisting you do with as many instructors as possible will allow you to get a feel for different styles and tricks to use for your own students underwater.  You will be able to assess divers more quickly the more you practice and prevent panic before it occurs.   Working over the duration f a few months with many students from all over the world will give you the expertise to continue with the instructor course.

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