A Guide to Bay Islands Dive Resorts

The Bay Islands of Honduras are home to a plethora of resorts.  Trying to find one that suits you and your needs might be a bit overwhelming.  This is a short explanation of types of resorts one can find here.

All-Inclusive Dive Resorts

The Bay Islands are a destination for many Scuba enthusiasts.  There are many resorts that cater specifically to the scuba dive vacationer.  These resorts are usually offer all inclusive packages for accommodation, food, and diving.  Meals tend to be buffet style and served according to the dive boat schedule.  Many are boat accessible only, which means you are limited to onsite activities, most (unless otherwise noted) of which are diving and snorkeling.   They will of course sell a non-diver package and many couples and families have a non-diver involved but be aware of limitations.  For the avid diver these are the resorts to book.  Most offer unlimited shore diving and up to 4 boat dives per day.  Dive, eat, sleep!

Infinity Bay Resort Roatan

Bay Islands Dive Resorts Can be Luxurious

These will be on Roatan, with the exception of one in Guanaja. The resorts are typical of what one might find in traditional resort areas.  Catering to the vacationer with a variety of activities, sandy beaches, nightlife, etc. Diving is offered on the side. Some packages will include diving and some resorts will have a dive shop on site but, unlike the Dive Resorts, the majority of guests are not diving religiously every day. These are a good option for those that want to dive on their own schedule, or learn to dive, with the option of room service!


Hotels or “Resorts”

Hotels that can offer packages like a “resort”.  Usually a bit more basic but still very nice.  You can tell the difference with the pricing.  These will generally be half the price or more than the All-Inclusive Resorts.  Check amenities.  Some may have air-conditioning and hot water, some may not.  Many are affiliated with a dive shop or have a dive shop on site but it is usually open to the general public.  This option is great for more independent traveler’s or do it yourself-ers.  A serious diver can still fit in up to 5 dives per day with any given dive shop or shops.


Backpacker Hotel / Dormitories / Hostels

Backpackers were the first travelers to visit and stay in the Bay Islands and are more welcome than ever with an infinite number of places to stay.  Again, some are affiliated with dive shops and they will offer you a “resort” style package with rustic accommodations either onsite or minutes away.  Some accommodation are free with dive courses.  Rooms are either dormitory style which you share with other backpackers, or for a few dollars more you can have a private room.  Most are usually without air conditioning and hot water.  Check ahead of time if these are necessary for your ultimate scuba experience!

Complete list of Roatan Hotels

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