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The Ruth Paz Foundation has been helping the poor children of Honduras for thirty years. It is named after its founder, a very special lady who dedicated her life to helping the needy children of Honduras. She was known as the Guardian Angel of the children of Honduras. For thirty years, Ruth personally took children to the U.S. for medical treatment that otherwise would have had no chance of receiving any treatment and in many cases would have not continued to live. As news spread of this miraculous Guardian Angel, people came from all corners of Honduras searching for the white hair woman that would provide them hope of saving their little ones. The good word about her work traveled far and wide.

She received hundreds of awards for her unselfish devotion to the children of Honduras. Although she received numerous accolades from the Pope, heads of state, politicians and important institutions, the ones that came from the most humble backgrounds were those dearest to her heart. Towards the end of her life there were so many patients, that she prayed constantly to the Lord to give her the strength that she needed to care for all of those who came to her door. Although she became physically weak, she continued to ask God to provide her the strength to continue her work. She often prayed for the means to be able to heal those who sought her assistance and for the courage to continue when she failed. Her faith in the Lord was strong and this became her special, personal instrument to fulfill His will.

Today her work is fervently carried on by her family and by a network of volunteers that want her work and her memory to live on. The foundation assists in bringing about eight medical teams a year to Honduras to provide the poor with free medical treatment that they otherwise could not rece ive in this country. Among these are specialist teams of plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, urologists and cardiologists. The foundation often sends children suffering from orthopedic problems, heart conditions, congenital birth defects and burns to the U.S. for medical treatment that is not normally available to poverty stricken people. Honduras is considered to be the third poorest country in its hemisphere, and the health and social needs of its poor are great. This foundation provides them with free medical treatment, airfare for the child and the parent and any other expense to insure the well being of the child. The foundation also has a clinic for the poor, the "Clinica Médica Ruth Paz" that provides outpatient care including free medication.

One of the foundation's most urgent projects is the construction of a much needed burn unit. The mortality rate of burn victims is excessively high in Honduras, deaths that could be prevented with an adequate burn unit. Having a fully operational burn unit available in Honduras would also eliminate the added expense of having to transport many of the burn victims to the U.S., which oftentimes requires the use of a very expensive air ambulance.

The foundation also assists many other local social institutions such as orphanages by providing them with much needed food, health care, clothing and school supplies. It also maintains a scholarship program that helps needy children receive an education.


Your donation is greatly needed and will be put directly to work according to your instructions. The opportunity for many needy children to have new and healthy lives depends on generous tax deductible donations. Diverse medical equipment is also greatly needed, especially those which can be employed in creating the burn unit. We ask that through your generosity you help us to help others who other wise probably would not receive any assistance whatsoever.

Let's carry on Ruth's mission by working together to help others!

Help the foundation while enjoying a tribute to Joni Mitchell!  Click here for the PazFest CD! 

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